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Happy Early Birthday To Me!

Okay, I know I have a camera buying problem and I'm dealing with it as best I can. hehe But while I sort out my issues, I need a new toy to play with! :) I am using my upcoming birthday as an excuse.

I purchased a Canon EOS 20D for a fantastic price on eBay! It's a used camera, but the seller has sparkling feedback, and he seems to be honest and trustworthy. I've wanted a 20D for a long time, so naturally, I can't wait to try it out.

Happy 26th Birthday to me!


Painting Service: A Smart Outsourcing Idea!

I received this email today:

“I would feel weird selling a reborn that was painted by someone else under my nursery name...”

My question to the author of the email is why?

My ethnic doll painting service is the newest idea in outsourcing! According to Forbes Magazine Business Guide, outsourcing is defined as subcontracting a process to a third-party person. Outsourcing is the smart way to make more efficient use of our time.

We as reborn artists already outsource more than we realize. We outsource for vinyl sculpts, mohair from pet goats, hand-sewn bodies, custom website design, crocheted items, auction templates, and even professional photography. Outsourcing does not make us bad people or any less of a reborn artist. It makes us smart people who put our time and energy into doing what we do best, versus trying to master someone else’s God-given knack.

Ethnic coloring is no trouble for me, but I am not sure how to achieve Caucasian coloring. So if I ever wanted to create a realistic, Caucasian doll, it would make sense for me to outsource to a Caucasian doll painting service. Why let my vanity get in the way of producing a beautiful doll for my customers? I can’t sew, so I purchase my bodies from master seamstresses. If using a sewing machine was a mandatory part of creating a reborn doll, I would have to throw in the towel.

Doll sculptors outsource all the time. Their forte lies in clay design. They can create beautiful, clay works of art, but for their silicone editions, many outsource work to mold makers, silicone pourers, hair rooters, silicone painters, and professional photographers. For their vinyl kit editions, doll sculptors outsource work to mold makers, vinyl kit manufacturers, and reborn artists who not only paint their prototype kits, but also root, dress and photograph the kits.

Each artist possesses her own set of talents, and has no reason to be ashamed of acknowledging the limits of her artistic interests. It is fun to network and share our special talents with each other. I receive daily inquiries asking how to achieve my ethnic coloring. Unfortunately, I am not much of a teacher, so the best thing I can do to assist those who inquire is offer to do it for them. That’s what my painting service is all about. It’s to assist anyone who wants to purchase a painted kit from me. Of course, the service is not for everyone, and I respect that. But I am not gullible enough to let the “haters” rain on my parade, when all I am trying to do is share the love of ethnic doll making with like-minded friends.

The bottom line is: There is nothing wrong with outsourcing. Who made the rules around what can and cannot happen when it comes to doll creation anyway? What’s important is the quality of the end result—a beautiful doll. It does not matter how we get there.

Payment Plan For Kit Painting Service!

I will begin contacting those on the painting service waiting list mid-November. You can either pay in full when you are contacted, or for your convenience, the following payment plan is available:

Payment 1: $100

Payment 2: $100

Payment 3: $99 (send the kit, kit will be painted)

Payment 4: Exact shipping back to you once painting is complete

If you have been assigned a number bewteen 1-4, I will be ready to paint your kit November 15. The first three payments ($299) and the kit should be in my possession by November 15. The kit will be painted and returned to you within 10 business days. You will pay the shipping costs once the kit is painted and ready to ship.

Numbers 5-29 should wait to pay until further notice. Thank you all for being patient while I get a system in place for the painting service! :)


Reborn Tutorials For Ethnic Dolls

Since the announcement of my retirement, I’ve received several inquiries for reborning tutorials. Here is a link to some information that should help you get started creating ethnic reborns:


I apologize, but I do not plan to offer more in depth tutorials at any point in the future, as that is simply not my forte. Good luck to all of the budding, ethnic doll artists. I look forward to seeing your ethnic dolls in the future.

*Photo courtesy of Sam Gearing. Tiggy is so cute with his paints, isn't he?

Can I Continue To Make Reborns?

I've been thinking a lot about whether or not I will continue to reborn. I've known for a long time that the reborn market is unbalanced. It costs more to make a reborn than what most collectors are able to pay.

It costs me close to $1,000 to transform a vinyl kit into a life-like baby. After reviewing my finances, I can not afford to reinvest in another reborn. With the holiday season approaching, I can't afford to go into debt. My two year old is looking forward to a fun Halloween party and a delightful Christmas. I can not justify slighting her to further contribute to an unbalanced market.

I am so hurt and disappointed right now. But in the words of retired reborn artist Meredith, I simply can not justify this hobby any longer. I don’t have the necessary funds to make someone else happy while my family and I are left hurting. :(

Brooke Nicole

Guess what?

When I was contacted by the famous doll enthusiast, historian, and published author, Debbie Behan Garrett, I never knew it would lead to MY being featured in her latest book!

Debbie has written: Black Dolls, A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion, a follow-up edition to her first book on black doll collecting. This sure-to-be a bestseller book features my latest reborn dolls, as well as a "comprehensive celebration of over 1000 vintage-to-modern black dolls"!

I am absolutely over the moon about this! The book is scheduled to be released September 2008. Click the book cover to reserve your autographed copy now!

Biracial Reborns by Brooke Nicole!

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