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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tee & Bloomers Set by Juicy Couture - $68.00

Off topic: Isn’t this ensemble by Juicy Couture super cute? It will not be coming to live here because my baby clothes collection is on hold for a while. Window shopping only. :-)

My regular doctor told me to stop taking the antibiotics. I took her advice and I have been feeling much better! I was able to get my portrait baby's rooting done which is good news because he has to be home in time for Mother’s Day.

The family and I are thrilled with both babies so far! The lighter AA skin tones are so SWEET! As many of you know, I have been trying to master lighter skin tones for a long time, so I am over the moon that I finally have it.

The creamy yellow undertones were the most challenging part for me. I finally figured out what to do.

Yesterday, my sister came over to visit and I told her about my little achievement. She rolled her eyes and teasingly said: “I can’t believe you didn’t know not to use that orange color…!” My reply to her:

"I am an artist, not a psychic, lol!"

My sister has always been a smarty pants which I why I take great pleasure in teasing her about her "singing career", lol! :-) But in all seriousness, there is no magic formula for practice. Trial and error is the only way.

Good luck to all of the other artists out there trying to achieve certain goals with your reborning. With determination and hard work, it will happen.

The Flu & Jamie Rae Hats

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yes, it is true, I have the flu. I was not trying to make a rhyme, but it is cool how that worked out, huh? :-)

Actually, my entire family has the flu. I thought we had escaped every germ of 2010 and could relax about getting sick, but I guess I was wrong. Eeeewww!

Oh well, I have been stuck indoors and I needed an excuse to shop anyway. I took a trip over to Nordstrom and found these amazing peony hats by Jamie Rae.

Jamie Rae Peony Hat in Pale Pink - $22.00

Jamie Rae Peony Hat in Candy Pink - $22.00

I could not decide which color to order. I actually sat in my desk chair for three hours trying to choose a color. I know that is absolutely LOCO-- but blame it on the antibiotics and cough suppressant, lol! I finally decided on the darker pink hat.

Speaking of baby clothing, I definitely went hog wild this past winter with baby clothing purchases. I will be posting some clothing for sale once my house is totally germ free. :-)

If you have seen something you like, feel free to write and ask about it. Chances are I will part with it. Many of the items still have the tags attached but have been worn by dolls in my collection. My home is smoke-free. I live with two well behaved, non-shedding pooches.

A Break From A Break : Nikon D90

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am taking a break from my break because....

My Nikon D90 body arrived today! I have wanted to try this particular camera for a while. It has video capabilities, so I am really excited about that. I am trying to decide which lens I want to try. The Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D looks like fun, but I am afraid it will be too long for the D90. I also want to try a good macro lens and the Cactus triggers. I have some research to do! I have missed photography. I have not been able to do much lately because I have been so busy, but that is going to change this summer. :-)

I will post more about the D90 when my lenses and triggers arrive. I am so excited!

I know some of you ladies from Toni's forum want to know about my Strobist lighting setup and no worries, I am not ignoring you, I am still writing the blog post explaining how I use it. It may not be the right way, but it works for me most of the time, hehe. I need to get a lens for my new camera so that I can take pictures of my actual setup. Pictures will make the post more meaningful, lol.

Okay, back to rooting now, promise!

Something Cute & A Blogging Break

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi ladies! I wanted to share something with you all. I found this at another blog and I love it! Cute!

Also, I won't be blogging for a while. The Vivien kit (portrait order) I have been working on is ready to be rooted, yay! For me, blogging and rooting are a "no no". I get distracted easily. :-) I will be back soon. Don't have too much fun without me.

Cupcake Collection by Rabbit Moon

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am just lovin' the spring Cupcake Collection by Rabbit Moon! First of all, polka dots are a weakness of mine and secondly, I am really attracted to shades of yellow this spring. I think the outfit pictured below is my favorite, but I have not fully decided what to order yet.

Ruffles, smocking, baby blues, yellows, pinks and sheer girlishness all in the same collection? Definitely my definition of perfection! Have fun shopping, ladies! I know I will, lol. :-)

Precious Baby Violet Madison

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another pair of my favorite celebrities, Christina Milian and her husband Terius Nash recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl! What a doll! I just love her little lips and big, pretty eyes. I also adore her name Violet Madison. Christina is a fellow Marylander, yay! She was raised in Clinton, Maryland, very close to where my mother was raised.

My mind is working overtime to think of a kit that would work well for a portrait reborn of Violet Madison. I am thinking hard, but I don't think Violet's portrait kit has been sculpted yet....bummer. I dabbled in sculpting in 2008, but my hands are better suited for reborning, otherwise I'd sculpt Violet myself. C'mon sculptors, help me out here! :-)

Zinny is so cute!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now, how did I miss this kit? I definitely need some type of instant messaging application that alerts me to must have, adorable kits, lol! Many of you have probably already seen baby Zinny by Marita Winters. I just love this face! She has such a familiar, ethnic newborn look, so a transformation would work well for her.

I am such a slow poke when it comes to reborning, so my Zinny kit more than likely won't be ready until 2025, but any time is a good time for such a great sculpt, right? *wink*

Ohmigosh, this just reminded me that I found a brand new Mommy Loves You kit by Tina Kewy on Friday. He was in a box with some other reborning supplies that I do not remember ordering (I know need help...lol.) In all of my excitement, I added some base layers to his vinyl and opened his nose. His feet are sooo cute! I guess he's added to the lineup. :-)

Side Glancing Eyes

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I was never a huge fan of side glancing eyes on my reborn dolls and today I realized the reason why:

I was not setting the eyes correctly, lol.

Looking at the pictures of these cuties I see that in order to achieve a perfect side glance, I have to slide the eyes over until the tips of the iris’ are slightly hidden behind the corners of the eye sockets. In the past, I did not slide the eyes over far enough so it made my dolls look confused, worried and/or agitated. I always readjusted the eyes to a fixed, forward glance because I could not stand the worried look.

I am not sure which one of my *works in progress* should receive a flirty side glance. If I do go with the side glance, using these pictures as guides, he should only get one sculpted [inner] tear duct. That could be a little weird on a doll...definitely something I’ll have to think about! Some things are just too realistic for dolls. OMG, did I really just type that? LOL

Back from Easter break!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I am still recovering from the sugar overload. :-)

I sold my Canon gear on eBay. I have decided to go back to Nikon. I prefer Nikkor lenses. I was having troubles getting clear close-ups [and crops] of my work with the Canon, and I cannot have that, lol! I am sure the older model camera body is to blame for the lack of clarity and not the lens, but I miss Nikon anyway.

I will restart Shyann's coloring journal as soon as I finish my portrait order, promise!



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