Zinny is so cute!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now, how did I miss this kit? I definitely need some type of instant messaging application that alerts me to must have, adorable kits, lol! Many of you have probably already seen baby Zinny by Marita Winters. I just love this face! She has such a familiar, ethnic newborn look, so a transformation would work well for her.

I am such a slow poke when it comes to reborning, so my Zinny kit more than likely won't be ready until 2025, but any time is a good time for such a great sculpt, right? *wink*

Ohmigosh, this just reminded me that I found a brand new Mommy Loves You kit by Tina Kewy on Friday. He was in a box with some other reborning supplies that I do not remember ordering (I know need help...lol.) In all of my excitement, I added some base layers to his vinyl and opened his nose. His feet are sooo cute! I guess he's added to the lineup. :-)

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