8 Week Hiatus & Dallas Duplicate Offer- *SOLD*

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hi readers! I am taking time off from work for the next 8 weeks due to unused comp time during open season. My department head told me to “use it or lose it”, so I am using it. :)

My layaway slots are all scheduled for next year, so I had not planned to work on dolls (or blog) during my vacation. Several collectors have written about Dallas look-a-likes. I am willing to reborn a second Ariella kit during my vacation for the final bid amount of $1,425 USD. At this special price, I would require full payment up front, as well as a strong commitment from the new mom.

Please contact me through eBay. My eBay ID is brooke*nicole. If the Dallas duplicate slot is not filled within 14 days, I will have to pull it because I need six full weeks to work on the baby. :)

I will be back soon! Don't have too much dolly fun without me. ;)

Adrie Mix & Match Torso Limbs Body- *SOLD*

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cleaning out excess inventory. :) On eBay for $54 shipped! OR, I will TRADE the boy torso for one Serah head! Contact me if you have a mint Serah head and want to trade.


Dallas Jordan on eBay *SOLD*

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Okay, so I lied-- Ariella was never a girl. SURPRISE! hehhee No seriously, I knew Dallas Jordan was all boy once I finished his hair. I love this little boy! He is such an armful of fuzzy cuddlebugginess. Trust me, cuddlebugginess is a word-- it is in my dictionary! LOL

Alrighty, enough chattering. :) Here is a link to the auction. There is no reserve.




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