Private Orders : Short Terms Sold Out

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hi everyone! My short term private order slots are sold out.

I am currently booking slots for mommies who need 6-18 month layaway payment terms. I will post an eBay listing for private order slot #6 mid June. Thank you all for your continued support.

Evelina's prototype will be listed on eBay June 15.  He is adorable! 

Inspiration for Justice

Monday, May 14, 2012

The real baby is gorgeous, huh? :) I love his cinnamon-colored skin and black hair. You all know I LOVE black hair! It is my favorite. The darker the better for me. I have no idea why some artists in the reborn doll community insist that real ethnic babies don't have black hair??? That is insane! Of course "they" do. I had a head full of black hair when I was born. I know because my mom cut a huge lock of my hair, and taped it inside my baby book. It is jet black and stick straight!  Oh and "they" have veins too, lol! That's another little "ethnic baby rumor" circulating the reborn doll community. Ridiculous! *rolling eyes* Well at least I am here to set the record straight. :)

Anyway, wow, I got totally off subject. Not surprising for a chatterbox like myself. ;) hehehe

I have had this real baby's photo for a very long maybe three years? I'd forgotten just how much I loved sleeping reborn babies, and when I got my hands on the Cianne kit, I knew she'd be the one to use for this particular reference photo. I glanced at the photo during the beginning stages of Justice's creation, but knew I only wanted to copy the real baby's perimeter coloring and inner eye coloring. I freestyled the rest and I was perfectly fine with that. I knew I had to paint thicker brows and stronger t-zone coloring for the light to play with.  My daughter's t-zone is colored like Justice's, so I used a baby photo of my daughter for the t-zone.  I would like to experiment with some lighter flesh tones in the near future for visual texture on the forehead. All in good time! Growing as an artist doesn't happen overnight although I wish it did. Practice, practice, practice. ;) Thanks for reading!


Layaway Private Order Slots : Reaching Out

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you to everyone who bid on Justice’s auction! I received so many messages about that little girl and I am still answering questions. Several bidders requested layaway for Justice. Since I no longer offer layaway on completed dolls, I am encouraging collectors to take advantage of my 18 month layaway payment plan for private orders. I will accept private orders for all newborn and preemie-sized kits. Please don’t be sheepish about contacting me, we can work something out! :)

I have listed private order information on eBay in an effort to reach out to collectors who are not aware of my generous payment plan. The total price for a privately ordered baby is $2,150.00.

$250 down / 18 month layaway
I will begin painting your baby when your deposit totals $650.00, and finish him/her when your deposit hits the $1,650.00 mark.

Slot #5- *SOLD*
Slot #4- *SOLD*

I will keep these listings on eBay as a way to communicate with collectors who are not always able to bid on my auction babies due to limited funds.  I know my decision to halt layaway for completed babies feels like a bummer to some collectors, but never fear-- there is another way! :)

The 'Private Order Information' page is getting a makeover tomorrow, so all of this information will be posted there too. :) I hope to hear from you!


Prototype Chit Chat

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hi collectors! This post is a bit overdue because I started back to work last Monday, and have not had time to update the blog. Read on-- I promise there is some fabulous information below! :)

Little Justice left a while ago (sniff sniff), so that means I have moved on to another sculpt. Who is on the work table? :)  I am working on a prototype for Evelina Wosnjuk’s new kit. If there were a dancing emoticon with an awesome big curly afro like mine, I would insert it *here*, lol!  :)  Yes, I am that happy about how she is turning out.  She is so darn cute! I love her little eyes, cute lips, and of course, her little feet are too stinkin' cute. Well, you all know how Evelina does it. ;)

The prototype will be listed sometime in June. I don’t know an exact date yet because I have to wait for the green light from Evelina before I list her.

For sculptors: This is the only prototype I can take this year. I don’t want sculptors to think I am playing favorites, or picking and choosing sample kits to reborn. Evelina caught me at a good time when I was on vacation from work, so I was able to meet her deadline. Unfortunately, I cannot accept prototypes after this one.  I am still planning to reborn a kit from every sculptor who asked me to reborn a prototype! Thank you all for liking my style of baby making.  ;)

Rare Eyelet NB Biscotti Gown For Sale- *SOLD*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hi everyone! I have this beautiful NWT Biscotti gown for sale. It is a newborn size and absolutely gorgeous. The eyelet version of this particular style is rare. The matching bonnet is included and they come with their own garment bag for safe storing. I am asking $105 shipped.   Smoke-free,pet friendly home.  brookenicole222 @




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