Prototype Chit Chat

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hi collectors! This post is a bit overdue because I started back to work last Monday, and have not had time to update the blog. Read on-- I promise there is some fabulous information below! :)

Little Justice left a while ago (sniff sniff), so that means I have moved on to another sculpt. Who is on the work table? :)  I am working on a prototype for Evelina Wosnjuk’s new kit. If there were a dancing emoticon with an awesome big curly afro like mine, I would insert it *here*, lol!  :)  Yes, I am that happy about how she is turning out.  She is so darn cute! I love her little eyes, cute lips, and of course, her little feet are too stinkin' cute. Well, you all know how Evelina does it. ;)

The prototype will be listed sometime in June. I don’t know an exact date yet because I have to wait for the green light from Evelina before I list her.

For sculptors: This is the only prototype I can take this year. I don’t want sculptors to think I am playing favorites, or picking and choosing sample kits to reborn. Evelina caught me at a good time when I was on vacation from work, so I was able to meet her deadline. Unfortunately, I cannot accept prototypes after this one.  I am still planning to reborn a kit from every sculptor who asked me to reborn a prototype! Thank you all for liking my style of baby making.  ;)



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