*SOLD* Sweet Carolina Painted Kit

Sunday, May 31, 2015
This little one is sold, but I just wanted to show her off. I love the lips on this sculpt. I have one of these babies painted for myself. I think mine is a boy. ;) I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

*SOLD OUT* Partially Painted Kits $425 USD Layaway Available

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I went through my partially painted kit stash and I have figured out which ones I can let go. All of these have had steps #1 and #2 of my tutorial completed. They are fully shaded and ready for detailing. All of the kits listed are Apricot Love-A-Lot unless otherwise specified.

Update: I'm sold out of partially painted kits at this time. If I decide to let the others go, I will post them here.

17" Charly by Olga Auer- $425 *SOLD*
22" Sweet Carolina by Marita Winters- $425 *SOLD*
20" Realborn Presley Awake- $425 *SOLD*
23" Ariella by Reva Schick- $425 *SOLD*
19" Shyann w/ Sofie Pratt limbs (no tummy plate)- $425 *KEEPER*
19" Shyann #2 w/ Avery Pratt limbs and partial tummy plate- $425 *SOLD*

Email brookenicole222 @ yahoo . com.

*SOLD* Apricot Love-A-Lot Elodie Kit $925 USD

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good morning, everyone! This Elodie is looking for a new mommy. Her first mommy asked for dark shading, so this Elodie is extra special. I love the maximum glow effect! Elodie still needs a couple more Flesh Stacking layers. I can't get back to her painting until next week, so she would ship out next week, ok? :) I'll take updated photos when the time comes.

$925 USD (USA)
$975 USD (International)

Elodie has 3/4 arms, full legs and a tummy/chest plate. She will also come with a peach doe suede body. The eyes are not included. She is a little lighter than this picture shows. It is cloudy today. brookenicole222 @ yahoo . com

Cloudy Light & Angelina Strydom

Monday, May 25, 2015
Angelina is sold. Her new mommy wants me to finish her in July, so she is stuck with me until then, lol! Her happy face melts me. The cloudy light was calling my name today for some reason and I decided to take some pictures. I actually really like these cloudy pics! I think I liked Tate's cloudy pics too. I brought them as close to the window as I possibly could and I'm loving it. I can't wait to see Angelina with her thick black hair and dark eyes. Click the link to see these photos larger. These blue eyes are different from the eyes Angelina wore in her first photo shoot. These are 24mm polyglass 'Baby Blue' by Eyeco. The first pair are 22mm 'True Blue' by Bountiful Baby. :)


*SOLD* Tate #2 Fully Painted $725 USD

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hiya friends! This Tate #2 is fully painted and looking for a home.

$725 USD (USA)
$775 USD (International)


*SOLD* Apricot Love-A-Lot Tate Arcello $425 USD

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

<img src="http://lmsweethearts.freewebspace.com/tatelove4.jpg" />
Hola amigos! Anyone interested in a partially painted Tate by Andrea Arcello?
$425 USD (USA)
$475 USD (International)

Full Arms & Full Legs! Awesomeeeee!

She has the Apricot Love-A-Lot Skin Tone. This kit is my fave. I have three Tate kits. The lips-- ohmigosh, too sweet! Check out her little gums! I have never seen a cuter little detail on a kit. :)

I'm going through the partially painted babies deciding who to adopt out. The fully painted Tate kit is spoken for, and I am keeping one for myself, so this one can find a new mommy.

This little girlie has had Stage I and Stage 2 of my tutorial completed. She needs stages 3-4 which is Depth & Details (blush, flesh stacking, nails, etc.). Her creases have been painted and her nose has been opened. Perfect veining! Or, she would be great to just assemble and dress. She has very 3D biracial coloring so far. Head & full limbs only.

*Sorry, I can't part with my third Tate. I thought I could, but I just can't, so I removed her sale ad. I will keep looking through the partially painted kits to see who I am willing to part with.*

*SOLD* Apricot Love-A-Lot Elijah $425 USD

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Anyone interested in this partially painted Elijah kit? He is a larger baby. He would be 26" if his legs were stretched. 3-6 months size. 3/4 Arms and Full Legs.

$425 USD shipped within USA
$475 USD shipped Internationally

He's great as is, he just needs his nails painted. Or, he is perfect for someone who has my tutorials. Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Apricot Love-A-Lot skin tone have already been completed. All he needs now is the Depth & Details (Stages 3 & 4). His creases have been painted and his nose has been opened. Eyes not included.

Because he is an older baby, I personally wouldn't add any extra paint to him besides painted nails and eyebrows.

Head, Limbs, Tummy/Chest Plate, Certificate and Body

This is a good deal for this big beautiful boy!

I'm still clearing out inventory making room for the new tester babes. I don't have any more fully painted kits, only partially painted. I need to go through them all and figure out who I am willing to part with. I peeked last night and noticed I have two Apricot Shyann's, an Apricot-ish Tate Arcello (slightly darker), an Apricot Suu Kyi Stoete, and an Apricot Ariella by Reva Schick. There are 20-30 kits in that bin and I'll put the duplicates up for sale soon.

The other partially painted Elijah Pigott I had was reserved yesterday, sorry...

That second fully painted Presley Awake I spoke of last week-- I can't part with her, she is my boo, lol! :) That sculpt has perfect Blasian feautures-- and you all know I go gaga for those, so she is a keeper. ;)

I'll post the sale list soon along with a few pics. The partially painted babes will cost $425/$475.

Prototype Clover Fairy In Progress

Thursday, May 14, 2015

This little dollie has me wrapped around her little fairy preemie fingers, lol! :) I love how her coloring turned out. As most of you know, I have been experimenting with new colors and techniques. This baby has the Toffee Topia skin tone with the Cinnamon Charm Winter shadow colors. I was feeling cheeky and wanted to see what would happen if I substituted colors. I can appreciate the more dramatic shadowing the substitution produced. I used the Wintergrace Effect to cool her Flesh Stacking colors.

I need about four more days with her before she can go to eBay. Her auction will run for seven days. I can't wait to show off her handmade fairy dress. This genius sculpt has full arms, so she can wear just about anything!

*SOLD OUT* Painted Kits: Availability Update

Saturday, May 9, 2015

All of the painted kits I had to offer are now spoken for-- with the exception of Presley who will be back up for sale soon. Lexus is working on the Vanilla Truffle palette this weekend. If all goes well, Presley's modeling will no longer be needed and she can bounce. :) Stay tuned...

Update: We did it! Vanilla Truffle is all figured out. Presley is back up for sale. Here is link to her eBay listing:


*SOLD* Updated Angelina Strydom

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mmmkay, so Angelina is all set for eyebrows now and ready to find a new mom! I told ya she needed more layers. See how much nicer she looks? :)

For those of you who have my tutorials, what I just demonstrated with Angelina is the adjustments section-- the final section of the Depth & Details Tutorial. After Flesh Stacking, take progress pictures, study them, and if you feel your baby lacks depth, make those adjustments! :) Angelina needed seven extra layers of paint. I don't why she needed so many, maybe because of her open mouth and deep set eyes? I dunno, but anywhoo, don't skimp, make those adjustments, ladies! :) I know it can be a pain when a doll needs adjustments...^-^

Eyebrow painting for Angelina is an extra $75. These are not her permanent eyes. They are just an old pair of eyes I use while painting, but I think Angelina looks so exotic and cute with blue eyes!

*SOLD* Clearing Out Inventory Before Closing

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm clearing out inventory before I shut down sales. If anyone is interested in 23" Angelina Strydom as painted kit, I can finish her up today. $825 shipped/ US $875 shipped internationally. Head & Limbs only. This is only a work in progress picture. She still needs about seven more layers. I have completed three and will do the rest tonight. If no one adopts here, I will send her to eBay as a finished baby. :)

*SOLD* Presley Kit On Hold For Now

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hiya Lovelies! Thank you all for the trade offers for this painted kit! I would love to trade him her for kits in the future. But...

While my hand was in the brace, I couldn't root, I could only paint, so I conducted a few painting trials. Presley was one of the tester babies for my new Vanilla Truffle skin tone with the *Wintergrace* effect. Wintergrace is a combination of new colors that will cool down the apricot undertones during the flesh stacking phase of painting. Needless to say, I have tried this three times and epically failed! The skin tones are too warm and the babies have turned out Apricot Love-A-Lot no matter what. Not that there is anything wrong with Apricot Love-A-Lot, it's super, but I would like to keep trying for Vanilla Truffle.

Vanilla Truffle is the skin tone my daughter had until she was about six years-old. Her apricot undertones developed later. I see so many fair-skinned AA/ethnic people with that same pink & milky tone, I would love to paint it! I thought I had given up on Vanilla Truffle, but using Presley's photos as guides, I think I finally figured out what I am doing wrong. I need to make several changes to my Vanilla Truffle color palette. I can't test now, I have too many projects I need to complete, but I truly feel I know what to do now. I need to use Presley as a model to make sure I mix the right colors, so she has to stick around the workshop for a bit. She will be back up for sale as soon as I get the Vanilla Truffle skin tone right. :)

The only painted kits I have left are 23" Angelina Strydom and 19" Sweet Carolina Winters. Both are Apricot Love-A-Lot. I will post pictures of them soon. These are the only painted kits I will have for sale before I shut down the sales portion of this blog. :)



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