Can Layaway Mommies Purchase the Tutorial?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Can layaway mommies purchase the tutorial? Of course, of course! :) The tutorial is FOR my layaway mommies! :)  You all are the reason why I decided to offer a tutorial. Of course, if non-customers want the tutorial, they are more than welcome to purchase, but my main goal is to help my customers (past and present) make ethnic dollies after I stop reborning.

Layaway Mommies:  If you want to apply your layaway funds toward the tutorial, send a message and I will make it happen for ya. :)  Do not feel pressured to choose between your doll and the tutorial. So far, the layaway moms who have signed up for the tutorial chose both, which is great!  :)  You will have an in person model to study as well as the tutorial material.

Great news!  Lexus and I have finished filming the painting portion of the Cinnamon Charm Winter tutorial video. Everything turned out perfectly. The photos look great too. I hope to show a sneek peek of the video once it is edited.

The Brooke Nicole Club Forum

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The tutorial Q & A Forum aka "The Brooke Nicole Club" forum will open Spring 2014. Each member will have her own private sub-forum labeled with the name of her choice. Each member should use her private forum to upload pictures and videos for a private one-on-one critique, as well as ask questions and receive clarification about the tutorial material. I encourage each member to ask as many questions as humanly possible. :)

The forum will also have a general area where members can chat with one another. The entire video series will be uploaded to this same general area.

The Cinnamon Charm Summer skin tone is the grandmother of all the skin tones. It provides the map for the other skin tones. Once members master the Cinnamon Charm Summer tone, the other skin tones will be a piece of cake. ;) Which skin tone are you most looking forward to in the video tutorial series? Vote below.
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Minimum Order Amount Has Been Exceeded! Tutorial is Gonna Happen!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The tutorial idea is a GO! :) I needed a minimum order count before I could move forward, and I now have enough orders to begin production. This is so exciting! :)

Pre-orders and payment plans will remain available, there is no cut off date. There is no due date for final payments. The payment schedule is entirely up to the buyer. Tutorial materials will ship once buyer has paid in full.

The tutorial materials will be available for shipping late 2014.

Complete Reborning Tutorial ON SALE NOW

Saturday, July 20, 2013



This $3,000 USD tutorial will include (1) complete video series, (1) membership to an online Q&A forum, and (1) FREE full color step by step manual. I will reborn six babies from start to finish, one each of my signature ethnic skin tones.  Students will learn to recreate all six skin tones (see below) using Genesis heat-set paints.
Students will learn to paint ALL six of my signature techniques and MORE: 
Cocoa Gradient
Indigo Sfumato
Neapolitan Chiaroscuro
Eboni Satin
Eboni Smooth

There will also be:
Complete Eyebrow Lesson
Hair Rooting Lesson
and Hair Styling Lesson

Learn my techniques for: 
Tear ducts
Eyelashes and...
Weighting and Assembly

The full color step by step manual will provide LARGE CRISP & CLEAR close up photos!
NEW Information for groups:
Please review the information below. Group purchases will not work.  If someone suggests a group purchase, be sure you know and trust that person well. I will not take responsibility for any group disputes.

NEW Information regarding the external hard drives containing the video tutorials:
Buyers will not be able to make copies of the videos on the external hard drive.  Any attempts to copy or upload the videos will cause the files to lock, meaning the buyer will no longer be able to view the videos. I will not replace locked external hard drives. 

NEW Information regarding the full color step by step manuals:
There will not be an electronic version of the full color step-by-step manual.  The manual is HUGE and each page is laminated which will make scanning and copying impossible.

NEW Information regarding the online Q&A forum:
One username and password will be issued per $3000 USD order.  Each username and password will be IP protected.  For example, if a buyer were to give out a username and password and a different IP logs in, the account will automatically lock.  I will not reset locked accounts.

Full cost of the tutorial is $3,000 USD. I am accepting $100 pre-order deposits. The payment schedule is entirely up to the buyer. Tutorial materials will ship once buyer has paid in full. The tutorial materials will be available November 2014.

Is the tutorial for beginners?
I am unable to answer this question because everyone is different.  What I can say is that I have been painting reborn dolls for 12 years and I find my current techniques rather tedious.  Students should expect to spend a minimum of 6 weeks on a single doll once they have mastered the material.


Pay non-refundable $100 USD deposit:

I Will Sell a Complete Reborning Tutorial

Friday, July 19, 2013

I have an idea. I can record detailed videos of myself painting, rooting and assembling one sleeping kit and one awake kit. In addition to making the videos, I will have my sister take pictures of my every move. I will use the pictures to print a full color book with written instructions. I will transfer the videos to an external hard drive. I will mail the book and the external hard drive to the buyers. I will open a forum and remain a member for 20 weeks. During that time, I will answer any and all questions.

The price for the videos and book will be $3,000 USD—the same price as one of my newborn sized babies. Buyers currently on my layaway list are welcome to apply their funds toward the tutorial

At this point, I am taking a headcount to find out how many truly want this information. If you are interested, click the “yes” option below. If all goes well, I will post an update discussing tutorial release dates.
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I Did Not Attend The Down East Doll Show

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hi everyone! To answer some of your questions, I was not at the Down East Doll Show. I did not have a table or a booth at the Down East Doll Show. I have never attended a doll show. None of my dolls were at the Down East Doll Show. Specifically, my latest Elodie reborn Madison Amaya was NOT at the Down East Doll Show. Madison Amaya sold to a couple on my layaway waiting list who paid their $2,500 adoption fee this past winter.

I have recently learned that business cards with my name were floating around the Down East Doll Show. I do not use business cards. If someone is passing out cards with my name it is fraud and identity theft -- it is a crime. O_O

If anyone has one of these fake business cards from the Down East Doll Show, please email a picture of it to: brookenicole222 at yahoo dot com.

Rough Draft of Hair Styling Tutorial Available $1.00

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have a draft of a curly hair styling tutorial. If you have purchased a baby from me in the past, I’ll be happy to send a link to the tutorial free. It is only a rough draft but should help. Send me an email and I’ll reply with the link. Right click and save it to your hard drive. :)

This rough draft is now available to non-customers for $1.00. :) I'll send the link within 12 hours of payment receipt.


Booked Through 2015 & Other Updates

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hi everyone! The eight slots I offered for 2015 filled quickly. Thank you all for your continued support! I look forward to working with each and every one of you! I would like 2015 to be my last year reborning, so I hope everyone who wanted a slot was able to get one. If not, I can squeeze in two one more for a tan newborn. Send a message and we can work something out. :)

The blog makeover did not go as planned, lol! I am having trouble with the new graphics and layout. I will try again later this month before throwing in the towel, so if the blog goes down for a couple of days, don't panic, it is just me exercising my pitiful blog designing skills, hehe.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.

Madison Amaya Has Been Sold

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thank you all for the inquiries on baby Madison Amaya! Madison is going to live with a couple from my layaway list who paid their $2500 adoption fee in full this past winter. I am glad the new Apricot Love-A-Lot skin tone was a hit! If you are on the layaway list and want to change your skin tone order to Apricot Love-A-Lot, just drop me a line! I don't mind the change at all. :)

Madison Amaya on eBay *SOLD*

Thursday, July 4, 2012

Maddie was born on Independence Day, lol! :) Okay so I finally perfected the Apricot Love-A-Lot skin tone, yippee! I have been trying to duplicate my daughter Emme Jae's fair African-American skin tone for many years now, so Maddie is extra special to me. Apricot Love-A-Lot is actually my daughter's current skin tone. When she was a baby, her skin tone was much lighter and cooler. The apricot undertones developed over time. all have seen Emme Jae before, lol!  I can't wait to try the AL skin tone on more sculpts.  Anywhoo, click the picture to visit Maddie's listing. :)



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