Can Layaway Mommies Purchase the Tutorial?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Can layaway mommies purchase the tutorial? Of course, of course! :) The tutorial is FOR my layaway mommies! :)  You all are the reason why I decided to offer a tutorial. Of course, if non-customers want the tutorial, they are more than welcome to purchase, but my main goal is to help my customers (past and present) make ethnic dollies after I stop reborning.

Layaway Mommies:  If you want to apply your layaway funds toward the tutorial, send a message and I will make it happen for ya. :)  Do not feel pressured to choose between your doll and the tutorial. So far, the layaway moms who have signed up for the tutorial chose both, which is great!  :)  You will have an in person model to study as well as the tutorial material.

Great news!  Lexus and I have finished filming the painting portion of the Cinnamon Charm Winter tutorial video. Everything turned out perfectly. The photos look great too. I hope to show a sneek peek of the video once it is edited.

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