Complete Reborning Tutorial ON SALE NOW

Saturday, July 20, 2013



This $3,000 USD tutorial will include (1) complete video series, (1) membership to an online Q&A forum, and (1) FREE full color step by step manual. I will reborn six babies from start to finish, one each of my signature ethnic skin tones.  Students will learn to recreate all six skin tones (see below) using Genesis heat-set paints.
Students will learn to paint ALL six of my signature techniques and MORE: 
Cocoa Gradient
Indigo Sfumato
Neapolitan Chiaroscuro
Eboni Satin
Eboni Smooth

There will also be:
Complete Eyebrow Lesson
Hair Rooting Lesson
and Hair Styling Lesson

Learn my techniques for: 
Tear ducts
Eyelashes and...
Weighting and Assembly

The full color step by step manual will provide LARGE CRISP & CLEAR close up photos!
NEW Information for groups:
Please review the information below. Group purchases will not work.  If someone suggests a group purchase, be sure you know and trust that person well. I will not take responsibility for any group disputes.

NEW Information regarding the external hard drives containing the video tutorials:
Buyers will not be able to make copies of the videos on the external hard drive.  Any attempts to copy or upload the videos will cause the files to lock, meaning the buyer will no longer be able to view the videos. I will not replace locked external hard drives. 

NEW Information regarding the full color step by step manuals:
There will not be an electronic version of the full color step-by-step manual.  The manual is HUGE and each page is laminated which will make scanning and copying impossible.

NEW Information regarding the online Q&A forum:
One username and password will be issued per $3000 USD order.  Each username and password will be IP protected.  For example, if a buyer were to give out a username and password and a different IP logs in, the account will automatically lock.  I will not reset locked accounts.

Full cost of the tutorial is $3,000 USD. I am accepting $100 pre-order deposits. The payment schedule is entirely up to the buyer. Tutorial materials will ship once buyer has paid in full. The tutorial materials will be available November 2014.

Is the tutorial for beginners?
I am unable to answer this question because everyone is different.  What I can say is that I have been painting reborn dolls for 12 years and I find my current techniques rather tedious.  Students should expect to spend a minimum of 6 weeks on a single doll once they have mastered the material.


Pay non-refundable $100 USD deposit:



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