Q & A: What is BSD?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Q & A: What is BSD for the tutorial and how do you get to it? Thanks!

BSD is private support group for family members of Alzheimer’s patients. The forum is named for one of the residents at my grandmother's Alzheimer’s living facility. The forum is closed to anyone other than family members of the residents.

The reborning classes and tutorials are my family's contribution toward the BSD charity fund for Alzheimer's research. I don't offer classes otherwise. I apologize for any confusion, but my blog is the easiest way for me to communicate with BSD members when our forum goes down.  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and thank you for reading. :)

BSD is Down … Again :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hi ladies! BSD is offline but Lexus and I did not want to wait to thank everyone who came to our ‘painted kit show’ last weekend, hehe! :)

Many of you asked how to make the anatomically correct torsos look so real, and I promised to post a lil’ somethin’ that should help explain.  :)  Just follow the same advice I gave for the tummy plates and paint dark pigmentation where you would see it on a real baby.

For the newbies- the pigmentation video I posted in March explains how brown skin shows non-subtle darker pigmentation in certain areas. When you hold a brown baby close, you see that his or her brown skin has permanent shadows, permanent mid-tones and permanent highlights. It not only light making the skin “look” different colors. Be sure to wrap your mind around this fact while painting. Brown people are living paintings-- especially brown babies who refuse to wear concealer and foundation that “hide” their natural dark to light pigmentation. ;)

Of course, dark pigmentation varies from baby to baby, so model your reborn after a baby you like.  There is no right or wrong way when it comes to placement, as long as the end result is realistic.

Allison, Katie and Wu were concerned about not having access to brown skin up close and in person, but please, ladies, do not get discouraged! :) Use the provided professional reference photos and have fun painting what you see. Here is a great reference photo for the torso.

Also, for the newbies, and this one is a biggie-- be sure not to confuse coloring with shading. Some artists around the Internet use these terms interchangeably. Confusing the two will not help improve your ethnic painting skills. I have noticed that some Caucasian painting tutorials use both of these terms to describe the same thing, but with my ethnic painting technique, I draw a distinct line. Watch video #14 for a complete explanation on this topic.

Anywhoo, thank you all again for coming over! I am looking forward to our next weekend together in November! :)

Preston's Infant Fashion & No Ebay Babies

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Gap is amazing! They are my go-to shoppe for baby boy clothing, hands down. I asked Preston's mom to help choose two outfits for Preston's photo shoot, and she chose Baby Gap for one look! I was thrilled because I think the deep navy and red will look wonderful with his skin tone. These clothes are amazing quality!

Ebay Babies on Hold
I said I would have a baby listed on eBay at the end of August, but I will not because I am working on Preston's order.  I am also working on an Ariella order, and I confirmed the details on a toddler order yesterday afternoon.  All of that considered, plus painting Greta, it looks like I won't have a baby on eBay again until next year maybe.  If I do, I will send a notice through my mailing list and of course post a link here on the blog. :) 

I am still accepting lengthy 18 month layaways.  I will post a new eBay listing for a slot when I can add the photos from Preston's shoot.

Preston In Progress

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this progress photo of Preston's limbs and torso. This photo was taken about a week ago, so I have made more progress with the crease colorings, etc.  I just love the tummy on the torso sculpt!  I decided to paint an umbilical cord and it turned out great!

I am still working hard on the face. Shyann takes much longer for me to detail than other sculpts because I like to create boundary in the eye area by painting "fat", and my "fat" painting technique is a bit complex so I like to take my time creating the puffy eye area.  I feel fat adds more detail and character to the finished baby.  It also makes him look younger, which is good since he has an umbilical cord. The "fat" thing may sound weird right now, but you'll see what I mean about this very soon when I post completed pics very soon, lol! :)

Aug 20 Layaway Listing - *SOLD*

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hola! Here is the latest layaway listing link! I will add more sample photos to the listing soon. :)

SLOT #14- *SOLD*

Cute Emily Kit from China

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Steffi (left) before she was finished up...Emily (right)

I noticed an ethnic reborn on eBay made from this perfect little face and I knew I had to have one! The auction for the completed reborn doll stated the original kit name was unknown, so I emailed the artist to ask where she found the kit.  Thanks to the friendly artist, I was able to purchase the Emily head for only $16.00 shipped! :)  I have no idea who sculpted Emily, but kudos to the sculptor! Emily is one of the cutest little faces I have seen! I tried Adrie's anatomically correct torso and it is a perfect fit!

Seeing Emily pictured next to an incomplete Steffi gives me an idea of how Emily will look with my current painting techniques. I can see Emily will make a super realistic ethnic baby. Coloring variations on those chubby cheeks will look great and Emily has fantastic lips to work with. I am totally excited about this project, can you tell? :) I can't wait to see my Emily all finished up. I have a name for Emily already. Hint-- it is not a girl's name, hehe. ;)

Stephania's Box Packing

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I had so much fun packing Stephania. Since her new mama has seen (and loves) everything, I can post pictures of the box packing. :)  Ugh, I always forget to pack the coupons-- but every repeat customer receives a 10% discount on future purchases. :) No expiration date!

August Layaway Listing - *SOLD*

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello, hello! Here is the latest layaway listing. I will try to leave these listings up from now on for those who are interested.  I know I always say that, but the slots sell quickly.  I have to list these slots one by one so I can add new photos. I have a baby boy nearly complete, so I will need to add his photos soon.  He is based on the Shyann sculpt by Aleina Peterson. I used Adrie Stoete's anatomically correct torso for him. He is just soooooo cute. I can't wait to photograph him!  Oh yes, here is the link.  :)

SLOT #13- *SOLD*

Infant Fashion: Juicy Couture Still #1

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I took a trip to Saks Fifth Avenue's website last evening hoping to find myself a nice pair of flats for work. Why oh why did I click to the baby department? Force of habit, I guess. Hey, why fight it? ;)  I may as well load my cart up with doll clothes, right?  :)

I really needed some things for a newborn boy, since my privately ordered Shyann boy Preston is almost ready to go home, yay! No luck with the boy clothes, but I did manage to find the perfect girly ensemble by Juicy Couture, one of my absolute favorite designers. Seriously, if I were small enough (or if the outfit were BIG enough, hehehe), I would wear this outfit! It is just so....so....ME! Pink, gray, with flawless gold hardware? Yep, that's so me. And did I mention the jacket is reversible? Gorgeous.   I know you agree, so go order a set for yourself.  ;)

Infant Fashion: Gymboree Cupcake Cuteness!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hi everyone!  First off, this real baby is a little doll, isn't she?  I love her great big smile and teethies!  I also love her outfit.  You know, they say the best models sell the outfit with one glance, and I think this little diva has done her job. ;)  Yep, I ordered the entire look in a size 0-3M, but I passed up the pink headband for the cupcake hat.  I may not have blogged about infant fashion in what seems like years, but trust me, I have been buying like a crazy woman, hehe. :)

I also really love these two sets, but I am not sure the aqua will flatter my babies' brown skin tones.  I'll think about ordering a piece or two just to check the color in person.  I should go to the mall, but no time this week.

Anywhoo, stay tuned for my Juicy Couture find!



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