18 month Layaway Slots for 2015- *SOLD OUT*

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hi everyone! I received some great news today, so it looks like I can take orders for 2015! :) Yippee!! Click the picture to visit the updated listing. I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far...I sure am! ;)

Oh yeah-- I do have two new skin tones available!  Lily Rain (Lotti) is sporting the Toffee Rose tone, and I will post pics of an Apricot Love-a-lot Elodie later this week. :)

Fun With Cheesecloth

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello everyone! Don’t ya just love the way professional newborn photographers use cheesecloth? I do! My latest baby has the perfect newborn leggies, so I knew I needed cheesecloth for her photo shoot. I could have purchased pink cheesecloth from Etsy, but the artist in me begged for a “do-it-yourself” project-- as if I don’t have enough to do around here, lol!

In case anyone wants to dye their own cheesecloth, I found an awesome cheesecloth tutorial on YouTube. I purchased my cheesecloth and dye from JoAnn Fabrics. My kitchen sink is stainless steel so I did not have to worry about staining. For those of you with porcelain sinks—be careful! The dye will stain. :)

I poured a bit of dye and salt into the hot water and stirred it around. I was able to get the darker pink color by soaking the cheesecloth in the Petal Pink dye mixture for 25 minutes. I got the lighter pink color by quickly dipping the cheesecloth into the same petal pink mixture. I also made a light fuschia cheesecloth which is the one I used for the photo shoot.

Once pink, I hand washed the cheesecloth with dish soap and rinsed with cold water until it ran clear. I then hung them to dry.  Each cheesecloth measures 2 yards, and they are the perfect length for swaddling. Have fun! :) 

All of these were made with the petal pink dye.

This one was made with the fuschia dye.  I just dipped it for a sec. ;)

Sunday Lilac on eBay *SOLD*

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hello dear friends! Despite my camera issues, I managed to do a photo shoot today.  :(  Little sweetie pie Sunday Lilac is looking for a new mommy. I just love this sculpt! She is SO real. I can take an 18 month layaway with $1,000 down. :) Click the picture to visit the listing.



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