Guess what?

When I was contacted by the famous doll enthusiast, historian, and published author, Debbie Behan Garrett, I never knew it would lead to MY being featured in her latest book!

Debbie has written: Black Dolls, A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion, a follow-up edition to her first book on black doll collecting. This sure-to-be a bestseller book features my latest reborn dolls, as well as a "comprehensive celebration of over 1000 vintage-to-modern black dolls"!

I am absolutely over the moon about this! The book is scheduled to be released September 2008. Click the book cover to reserve your autographed copy now!

Biracial Reborns by Brooke Nicole!

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AA Reborn Dolls by Brooke Nicole

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African American Reborn Dolls by Brooke Nicole

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African American reborns
African-American reborn dolls
African-American reborns
Mahogany Boulevard, Reborns Like Ohmigosh, Cinnamon Charm Boulevard
Artistry With Soul, The Most Colorful Name in Reborn Art
Biracial Reborn Dolls
Biracial Reborns
Ethnic Reborn Dolls
Ethnic Reborns
Latino Reborns
Latina Reborns
Hispanic Reborns
Hispanic Reborn Dolls
Latino Reborn Dolls
Latina Reborn Dolls 
Light Skin Reborns
Light Skin Reborn Dolls
Light Skinned Reborns
Light Skinned Reborn Dolls

Ethnic Reborn Dolls by Brooke Nicole

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the best African American reborn dolls

the best ethnic reborn dolls

the best biracial reborn dolls

the best black reborn dolls



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