Vinyl Baby Nischi

Sunday, May 30, 2010

ATTENTION: I found a cutie to reborn! Her name is Nischi and she is a manufactured artist baby sculpted by Jannie de Lange and reproduced by Paradise Galleries. I am always on the lookout for Asian babies to turn into Blasian babies. Why? Oh, because I have Blasian ancestry...and because...well, I just like Blasian babies, okay?? LOL

Nischi looks to be amazing quality for only $44.50! Paradise Galleries has really stepped up their game. I am impressed. So impressed that I am planning to order Nischi once I finish typing this blog entry. :-)

Carter's Baby So CUTE!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This little girl is so precious! More and more minority kids are modeling for the major baby clothing companies, and I love it! Specifically, I have noticed more dark brown babies whose pictures I can use for blog entries and painting references, lol. :-) I would love to paint a baby with this cutie's complexion! Anyway, just thought I would share.

Just Popping In!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi everyone! First off, super cute, right?? Adrie is so amazing! I want to reborn all three of them! ♥

Ok, next, I am around, just not blogging. I am rooting my portrait baby right now-- actually I am rooting 1/3 of a practice head (Shyann) first to see if I can root from the cut end.

My current rooting method: loop a strand of hair around a needle and push it into the vinyl. The end result: each follicle contains a single strand of hair folded in half, so it looks like two hairs are coming from each follicle. I would like to have one hair per follicle because this portrait baby needs a finer head of hair, so I am practicing.

So far, so good Practice makes perfect, I guess. :)

I will be back soon!

History Always Repeats Itself

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A friend sent me a link to the most DARLING AA reborn on eBay! The artist (who did an amazing job, by the way) used the manufactured artist doll Grandma’s Girl by Lee Middleton. The face is totally cute and life-like!

I reborned Grandma’s Girl nearly 5 years ago and I would love to reborn another using some seriously updated techniques. Reborning has come such a long way!

Luckily, I found a doll with the same “Baby Mine” sculpt called Evergreen:

Photo Courtesy of

I am so excited about this project! I have no idea when I will get to it, but I can just keep little Evergreen around until I find time.

I have said it before and I will say it again: Reva Schick is the best! I wish Doll Dreams would release several kits by Reva with African features. Reva does the best African features I have ever seen. She must use pictures of super cute kids as references. :-)

And while I am making requests: how about some kits with Asian features too? And a smiling baby? Ok, I am getting greedy now, lol.

Rooting and a Prototype!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I started rooting my second portrait order tonight.

Three words: I am sad.

Mom is just so COOL and I will definitely miss our ichats with the kids and our little gift exchanges. I will make a vegan out of you yet, mom, LOL! And thanks for the afro tee and scented shea butter. I SO cannot live without shea butter now. My hair and skin thanks you too! :-) Just let me know when you find a toddler that looks like you. I will be here.

I may be working on a prototype kit soon! Nothing is set in stone, so I won't blab about it yet. I will know tomorrow who and when...even then, not sure I can say anything until the auction, lol. Marketing stuff...:-)

I have not done a prototype since 2008 because I have been so busy with grad school. My schedule has cleared up now that summer is approaching and the semester has ended! That means lots of dolly time, yay! I have gotten over my fear of Angelica because...this is going to sound stupid...

... ok, because I want to try the human hair adhesive eyebrows.

I have my fingers crossed hoping they work out!

Adhesive Eyebrows

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Has anyone ever used these? I practiced rooting some eyebrow hairs last night and I wondered if there were adhesive eyebrows available. Sure enough, I Googled them and voila:

If anyone tries these, please let me know. I think they would compliment Angelica's human hair wig perfectly. I would not want to root Angelica's brows with mohair since I will be using a human hair wig. Gem Tac glue is super strong. I have reborns (not made by me) from 2003 and their wigs were glued on with Gem Tac. They are flawless and beautiful.

To purchase:

Random Thoughts

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! I have not been blogging because…well, there is nothing to talk about, lol. I do have some random thoughts to share and since this blog is my dolly diary, I guess it is okay…:-)

1. My second portrait order is going well. I just love the Noe sculpt. I have to reborn another for myself soon!

2. I want to try rooted eyebrows soon. My 42 gauge, 3 barb needles do not make visible rooting holes, so I think they would work nicely for rooted eyebrows. Experiment time!

3. I also would like to try rooted eyelashes on open eyed dolls.

4. My Angelica kit arrived last week. I am so intimidated by her size. I am dying to paint her head and arms, but the rest of her scares me…especially that vinyl neck/chest/back piece. I thought about trading her for two baby kits but my boo convinced me to hang in there. We’ll see.

5. Janie and Jack has the cutest preemie outfits! No ordering, just looking, promise. *fingers crossed behind my back* hehe My baby clothes collection is on hold but I just love doll clothes. They were always my favorite things to play with as a kid and I never grew out of it.

6. I hope I can get a Jayden kit. I made a new rule for myself last summer: NO PRE-ORDERS before seeing the reborned prototypes because I have been burned too many times before…ya know…when the kit looks nothing like the OOAK. Jayden like sold out before the prototypes were released. Not surprised, the kit does look amazing. But, I refuse to pay a “sold-out premium or upcharge" for ANY hard to find popular kit, so it looks like I am going to miss out on the most popular kit of 2010. *cries* I just hate limited editions.

7. I found a picture of a real baby who resembles Andrea Arcello’s new Niah kit. I love that sculpt. I saw a dark-skinned one fell in LOVE! She looks like the perfect Ethiopian baby girl.

8. I am thinking of vlogging (video blogging) this summer. I have a Nikon D90 that makes HD vids and I will have a lot of time on my hands come summertime. It will save my fingers from typing. Plus, you all will get to see how charming and hot I am, lol. :-)

Nothing to talk about, huh? :-)



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