Lauryn Paris on eBay! New Skin Tone! *SOLD*

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hiya ladies! Lauryn is on eBay searching for her forever home. I played around with colors while making her tutorial video. I call the new skin tone Honeybee Myxx. I doubt I will have the chance to paint it again (unless it is requested), but I will still include the tutorial in November's package. Honeybee Myxx is not quite as dark as Honey Berry, and much more saturated than Toffeetopia. It is definitely a classic biracial tone that I see every day. :) :) Anywhoo, Lauryn is waiting for a mom:


Lauryn Paris In Progress *SOLD*

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hi everyone! Geovanni's photo shoot will come soon. I decided I did not like his body after all. I have ordered a new body. Hopefully, it will arrive next week and Geo can ship home. I am very picky about bodies! :)

Anywhoo, this little girl is being worked on alongside another Elodie I have in progress. Her name is Lauryn Paris and she is based on the 18" Lainey kit by Marissa May. I love her pretty face! She reminds me of Jessica Alba's little girl, Honor Marie. Lauryn's nose is fantastic and I love all of her dimples! Based on this progress photo, Lauryn needs a few things in the paint department. Lucky for her, I can handle that. ;)

Lauryn has the Apricot Love-A-Lot base skin tone, but I used the blush from the Honey Berry palette. Zackary, the Elodie I am working on alongside Lauryn has the Honey Berry skin tone, and I thought it would be fun to mix the colors a bit.  I really love Lauryn's sun-kissed Apricot coloring!

If anyone is interested in Lauryn, let me know! I will give you a special summer price because I am in such a good mood! Lauryn has 3/4 limbs, glass eyes, a partial tummy plate, and a stylish layette. brookenicole222 @ yahoo. com

Update July 19: Lauryn is in her second phase of painting and will go to eBay tomorrow, yay! She now has earrings and a cute topknot adorned with a little white ribbon. No worries, I am planning to trim the ribbon. I can't find my teensy weensy scissors anywhere! Ugh, I have some hunting to do. :) Lauryn's outfit is darling. It is a t-shirt and chambray skort set made by Carter's. It really suits her style.

Pictured left is the blank Lainey kit by Marissa May. It is so cool to see what a little bit of paint and mohair can do! I can't wait for Lauryn's final shoot tomorrow. Okie dokie, I am off to finish painting.

Beginning of Geovanni's Photo Shoot *SOLD*

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yo everyone! Geovanni is finally ready for photos. I had great sunlight until 4:00 pm when a thunderstorm interrupted my little party, hehe! Oh well, there is always tomorrow. I LOVE this little guy! I must make a couple of Elodie babies for myself. Please excuse the pencil markings on his scalp! They will completely disappear in a couple of weeks, but his new mommy has been waiting so patiently for him, I must get him to California with the quickness! :) Geovanni is now dressed in a snuggly white outfit waiting for the next phase of his photo shoot. I will post more tomorrow.



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