Infant Fashion - "Janie and Jack for Zack"

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Happy New Year, everyone! I will have a baby boy ready in about three weeks. His name is Zackary Michael. He is based on the Elodie kit by Evelina Wosnjuk. He will be somewhat of a twin to Micah, the Elodie prototype I reborned last summer. Zackary's mom and I found the perfect blue and white layette for him and I wanted to share. This particular ensemble is by Janie and Jack. I love the hippo theme!


I hope to have pictures of the *beautiful* Sarah Bella (Ariella) up soon! :)  She is all finished and ready to travel home.

Chantelle Blue's Box Packing

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When the reborner/buyer returned Chantelle to me, everything smelled really bad. I trashed Chantelle's layette and accessories, which cost me hundreds of dollars. :(  I still wanted to share the box packing because I took so much time assembling her 'Baby Shower In A Box', hand picking colorful high-end cutesy stuff and arranging it just so.

Chantelle's new mommy will receive all new layette items and accessories. I already have a brand new Bunnies By The Bay Coat for Chantelle-- the same coat Oprah gave Shiloh Jolie-Pitt for a baby shower gift. It is sooooo adorable and super duper soft! :)

Sarah Bella In Progress

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I am in love with this baby girl! I can't believe how long she has been here. She was supposed to be delivered in June, but I accidentally dropped her leg into the oven and ruined it. I have never done that, so I was devastated! I had to start all over again, so this is actually Sarah Bella number two. :) Her mommy has been waiting patiently for her (thank you, A!). :) Sarah is almost finished. Her mommmy requested thick hair and I ran out of hair after rooting several back rows. I can't wait to see Sarah finished up. The Ariella kit is already sheer perfection, but combined with my Cacao Silk skin, lol! ;)

Oh yes, I also wanted to share a photo of the outfit Sarah's mom and I picked out for her. It is made by Baby Beau & Belle, a very well-known, upscale boutique designer of baby clothing. I have been a fan of Baby Beau & Belle for years. Some of my earlier reborns can be seen modeling their designs. I am glad I decided to go take a look at some of Baby Beau & Belle's new designs. This swing top and leggings set is from their Natalie collection.

Here is how the outfit looks on a real baby.  Isn't she the cutest baby?!  I love her cheeks and rosy-cream, fair skin tone. :)

Chantelle Blue - *SOLD AGAIN*

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chantelle was purchased by a reborner and returned to me with a bad odor. I have washed and conditioned her hair, replaced her body and weighting materials, changed her clothing, and washed her vinyl parts. She smells wonderful again and looks great.  I would like to find a new home for her.  She will not arrive wearing the Le Top outfit pictured as it had to be trashed. She will wear a pale, pink designer kimono wrap set by Ralph Lauren instead. She will come with the standard 'Baby Shower In A Box'.

Asian Indian Skin Tones, Safe Bodies & Updates

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi ladies! Some have asked about Asian Indian skin tones, and others have asked about bodies, so I am posting these photos for you. :)

Indian Reborn Babies: I think all of my skin tones will will work for an Indian reborn doll, but my “Cacao Silk” coloring has the same sepia undertones that I’ve seen on deep brown Asian Indian skin tones. Combine my “Cacao Silk” coloring with straight black hair and voila—a beautiful Indian reborn baby is born. ♥

About bodies-- I do not use the dark bodies for my reborn babies. I had a horrible dye transfer incident in 2001, and have never reconsidered dark chocolate fabric. I only use white, peach and tan bodies for my dollies. No bleeding to worry about. Also, I never over stuff. :)

Private Blog: The blog will be made private December 15 at midnight. To all of my customers, no worries, you will receive an email from me with instructions on how to log in using the email address I have on file for you.

In regards to future doll sales:  The 2013 waiting list is closed and I will no longer produce independent projects. Unless I receive a cancellation, I will no longer have dolls for sale. I will be sure to send an email through my mailing list if I have a completed doll who needs a mom. I am not sure if I want to re-open the 2014 layaway list, but again, if I decide to re-open it, I will send a message through my mailing list.

Happy Holidays, everyone! :)



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