Lexus Ivy's Private Order Slots *SOLD*

Monday, October 31, 2011

Lexus and I would like to apologize to those who experienced problems bidding on Lexus' private order auction. We received several messages after the auction from upset collectors stating they were unable to place bids during the final moments of the auction. Thanks everyone for your interest and support! Both of Lexus' slots have been filled. We will make an announcement here on the blog should we receive a cancellation or a third opening. :)

Lexus Ivy's Private Order Auction!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brycen is sold so I listed a private order auction for Miss Lexus Ivy this afternoon! I am just so proud of my baby sis selling her second baby! :) Let's make this number three...:)

Brycen Chase by Lexus Ivy - *SOLD*

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hi ladies! Brycen Chase is the baby Lexus reborned for our Shyann tutorial video. Lexus finally sent the photos to me so... pretty boy Brycen is on eBay! The first reasonable offer will be accepted. Lexus is still working on establishing an eBay account and a website so I am listing Brycen for her.

I just love little pretty boys like Brycen, lol! He is gorgeous. Click the picture to visit the listing.

Zakari In Progress

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hi ladies! Here is the Michelle kit I have been working on for a lovely mommy (and dear friend) who has adopted four of my other babies. :) This little guy's name is Zakari Aidin and I just LOVE him so far! He is not finished in this photo (obviously) but I have completed 75% of his coloring. I am waiting on his black mohair to arrive before I complete the remainder of his coloring. Why do I prefer to root my babies before I finish painting? :)

1. I like to bake my needle holes so they shrink.
2. I have to finish the painted hairline after the hair is rooted.
3. I adjust the lip color according to the shade of the hair.
4. I adjust the eyebrow height according to the final hairline.
5. I make sure the eyebrow texture matches the thickness of the rooted hairline.
6. I am a neurotic perfectionist, LOL! :)

Anyway, Zakari's mohair should arrive soon and I will have a final shoot to blog! :) I just love him so much, I hope I will be able to send him!

Slumberland Mohair on eBay *SOLD*

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hola! This color is a bit too light for what I need, so it is up for grabs if anyone wants it. :)



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