Zakari In Progress

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hi ladies! Here is the Michelle kit I have been working on for a lovely mommy (and dear friend) who has adopted four of my other babies. :) This little guy's name is Zakari Aidin and I just LOVE him so far! He is not finished in this photo (obviously) but I have completed 75% of his coloring. I am waiting on his black mohair to arrive before I complete the remainder of his coloring. Why do I prefer to root my babies before I finish painting? :)

1. I like to bake my needle holes so they shrink.
2. I have to finish the painted hairline after the hair is rooted.
3. I adjust the lip color according to the shade of the hair.
4. I adjust the eyebrow height according to the final hairline.
5. I make sure the eyebrow texture matches the thickness of the rooted hairline.
6. I am a neurotic perfectionist, LOL! :)

Anyway, Zakari's mohair should arrive soon and I will have a final shoot to blog! :) I just love him so much, I hope I will be able to send him!



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