Meet Girard the Blue Polkadot Giraffe!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Click the picture to get a giraffe like Girard!

I think I love giraffes more than I love people...okay, wait...I say that about elephants, dogs, and many other things, but I love giraffes A LOT! :) And, this giraffe is super special because he was made by one of my dearest dolly mommies and her mommy. Girard is so soft and huggable. I have really enjoyed his company for the past several weeks. He will be featured in an upcoming photo shoot for one of my latest creations, Geovanni. I can't wait to see them swaddled together...awwww! :)  Stay tuned!

Heavenly by Nicole Russell For Sale $1000 Down

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hi everyone! Here are three progress photos of my new baby Heavenly. She is just so perfect in every way. I am in awe of her sculpted details. Nicole, you rock! :) :) This is my dream kit!

Heavenly's skin tone will be Cinnamon Charm Summer Honey Berry.  She has salmon mulberry colored lips and cheeks.  She is about 18" long with bent legs.  She will have a head full of black loopy curls ringlets, textured skin lines, and rooted eyelashes. She has full arms, full legs and an anatomically correct tummy/chest plate. I am asking $2,500 for her adoption fee. I can take an 18 month layaway with $1,000 down. I will list her on eBay with a "Buy It Now" option soon. :)  Happy Thursday, everyone!

Zuri's (aka Milaine) New Outfit

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I had to have this outfit for Zuri when I noticed it in Target. I usually only go to Target for toilet paper and hair products, but I snuck over to the baby section last week, lol! I knew these colors would flatter Zuri's skin tone. I love chambray but never imagined hot pink and royal blue would so look great together.  :) Zuri is on layaway right now and her new mom is going to have a lot of fun holding her.  She is sooooo cuddly!

Lotti by Karola Wegerich Now Lily Rain

Monday, May 13, 2013

Miss Lily Bay-bee! :) Any Keri Hilson fans out there? :) That line is from one of my favorite songs...:)

Anyway, as you can see-- I finished a baby today, yay! I love Lily, but I am glad to see her leave. I have too many bambinos laying around the workshop in pieces, hehe. This was a fun kiddo to work on!  The Lotti sculpt makes a perfect biracial baby! Lily is private order from September of last year, so she is sold. My private order list is closed. I have no plans to re-open it as I am preparing to close my business. Here is a link to more pictures of Lily: 



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