Prototype Lelou by Evelina Wosnjuk *SOLD*

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hi ladies! This darling baby is a prototype for Evelina Wosnjuk's new Lelou kit. I am in LOVE with this sculpt and I can't wait to reborn many many more! I was in awe of the blank kit and I just adore the way Angel turned out! Take a look at Angel's web page. She is sure to delight! I don't usually hold my reborn babies, but I can't seem to put this little girl down! :) She is THAT cute! She looks so real in person that it scares me. I just love her skin coloring and silky curls!

Angel's outfit is the "Hotchpotch Floral" designed by Naartjie. As many know, Naartjie is one of my favorite newborn clothing lines, and I just can't believe they are going out of business! I ordered this pink outfit knowing it would be my last outfit from Naartjie (sniff sniff). It is a more saturated bubblegum pink than the picture on Naartjie's website, but it is still cute cute cute! :) Goodbye, Naartjie! Thank you for all of the cute pie clothes. You will be missed.

 So as you all can see from Angel, I have been busy busy working on several new techniques. Angel has the updated Cacao Silk skin tone complete with my new *Truffle Fluff* technique, as well as my *Cloudwork Skin Patina* technique. These two depth techniques go hand and hand with the new *Flesh Stacking* technique. I guess you can call them all sister techniques. :) I did not use Angel to document the new *Truffle Fluff* technique for the tutorial, I forgot to take pictures, so the next tutorial has been delayed. I will have to wait until I have a darker brown baby ready to reborn. All the orders I have coming up are lighter brown babies, so it looks like January will be the soonest for the depth & details tutorial. Thank you all for your patience!

I am rambling because I am super busy. I am sorry if this post seems unorganized. :) My real kiddo is home from school today with the flu (poor baby, ohmigosh!) and I have two vinyl babes to root and ship. If anyone is interested in adopting the magnificent Angel Aubrielle, email me at brookenicole222 @ Until next time...:)


Sunday, November 23, 2014
Happy Sunday! I love these feet! They are so perfectly sculpted. Click the image to enlarge.

Rooting Eyelashes Tutorial & Box Packing

Thursday, November 20, 2014 

Hi ladies! I have a tutorial on rooting upper eyelashes for $7 USD. It is 6 page PDF. Awesome!

I also wanted to share a couple of photos of Zackary's box packing. I only have three pictures because my camera died during the packing. I didn't think to just use my phone instead-- DUH! :) Next time, I will remember that, I promise. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I am freezing, lol!

Zackary Michael All Finished & Going Home *SOLD*

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Whew! This little one is finally done. His mommy has been waiting a LONGGGGGGGG time. I am just so ashamed. I am sorry, KA! Love ya! ^_^ This will be the last Elodie for a while. I have a private order for a Honey Berry Elodie in Spring 2015. :) I have a feeling that little boy will be just as fabulous as Zacky! :) I never get tired of Elodie! I will post Zack's box packing photos after his mom receives him.

Infant Fashion: Baby Beau & Belle- Lovely Times Infinity!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lovely is an understatement! These garments are like ohmigosh pretty! I can't think of anything else to type, I am just speechless. The headband is my favorite! I thought I loved the headband from the Natalie collection, but this one is my new favorite.   I would also love to have a furry beanbag like the one in the first picture. I can't seem to find those anywhere-- for a good price, lol! I am pretty cheap when it comes to photography props. I may cave and get one though. It is absolutely gorgeous-- just like the baby model! She is too cute! Someone should sculpt her!

Savannah Marie's Box Packing

Friday, October 31, 2014

Hiya lovelies! Okay, the coast is clear and I can post these box packing pictures now. My little munchkin Savannah Marie finally arrived safely to the UK so her new mom has seen all of her goodies. :) My new double boxing method is doing a good job of keeping the hair in place. Savannah's mommy said baby arrived with neat hair, and that is exactly what I wanted to hear! :) No more wrapping babies in blankets and bubble wrap. I wish I had thought of anchoring the babies to an interior box years ago. Oh well, you live and you learn. :) I am 32 years old and still learning. That's right, 32, yikes! I had a birthday yesterday, yay me, I guess, lol! :) Happy Halloween, everyone!

Zackary's Going Home Soon *SOLD*

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The sweet smell of success! I love it when the babies get to this point-- the finishing stage. The final stage before they get photographed and shipped off. :) This little one has been with me for a while. I just love the way he turned out. His skin tones are Honey Berry fleshstacked perfection. I didn't know how Flesh Stacking would work out with Honey Berry, but I am in LOVE! I had to be careful with the colors. He still needs a little more paint. Currently, he has too much honey and not enough berry, lol! :)

Anywhoo, you all will get to see Zack's head full of thick hair when I post his final photo shoot next week. It is awesome! Zackary will also make a cameo in my next tutorial which is what is going on in the second photo. :)

Speaking of tutorials, wow! Since yesterday, I have seen four BEAUTIFUL "work in progress" dolls created by artists who purchased my tutorials. I am so happy that these talented ladies were able to put my instructions to good use! Gorgeous work, everyone!

Here is a link to the page that lists all of my available tutorials:

UPDATE November 2, 2014: My little buddy and I had a painting party over the weekend. He looks awesome. This pic was taken before I added his textures. Now, he needs his permanent eyes and a tear duct. :) I can't wait for his final shoot tomorrow.

Cinnamon Charm Mini Coloring Guides Now Available! $17 USD ea

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Hi lovely ladies! :) I had not planned to release these two coloring guides, but I received several requests. If you have purchased the Cinnamon Charm coloring guide (s), the Preparation tutorial, and the Neapolitan Chiaroscuro tutorial, I will give you instructions on base layers, midtones and shadows. I'll give base layer information for the Prep Tutorial and midtones and shadows information for the Neapolitan Chiaroscuro Tutorial.  brookenicole222 @ yahoo . com

Will Trade the Neapolitan Chiaroscuro Tutorial for Kits- UPDATED Nov 2

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hi everyone! I will trade the Neapolitan Chiaroscuro tutorial for untouched doll kits.
 brookenicole222 @ yahoo . com

Raleigh by Marita Winters
Mavie by Evelina Wosnjuk
Elodie by Evelina Wosnjuk
Milaine by Evelina Wosnjuk
Maurice by Evelina Wosnjuk
Michelle by Evelina Wosnjuk
Majara by Elisa Marx
Yelina by Elisa Marx
Liu San by Adrie Stoete
Suu Kyi by Adrie Stoete
Serah by Adrie Stoete
Sammie by Adrie Stoete
Lulu by Adrie Stoete
Jiali by Adrie Stoete
Xavi by Adrie Stoete
Louisa by Jannie de Lange
Ella Mae by Jannie de Lange
Noah Awake by Reva Schick
Sabrina by Reva Schick
Tatiana by Reva Schick
Arianna by Reva Schick
London by Natali Blick
Elise by Natali Blick
Leelou by Natali Blick
Coco by Natali Blick
Khian by Tina Kewy
It's A Girl by Tina Kewy
Jamie by Tina Kewy
Charly by Olga Auer
Juniper by Sabine Altenkirch
Angelina by Cindy Musgrove
Kana by Ping Lau
Eliza by Sheila Michael
Tate by Andrea Arcello
Till by Linde Scherer
Angelina by Romie Strydom
Will by Natalie Scholl
Hattie by Cassie Peek Brace

Preparation Mini-Tutorial $17 USD

Monday, October 20, 2014
Hi lovelies! Here is the preparation mini-tutorial. If you are wanting to duplicate my exact technique, this tutorial is a necessary component for Neapolitan Chiaroscuro mini-tutorial that will be available soon. This tutorial is a 16 page .pdf file.

Part I *Neapolitan Chiaroscuro* Tutorial $99 USD

Sunday October 12, 2014

I am taking a head count to see who may be interested in Part I of the Neapolitan Chiaroscuro technique. This mini tutorial will be a basic guide to shading an ethnic reborn. It will tell you how to use the base, midtones and shadow colors as outlined in the mini coloring guides. It will include:

1. How to mix your paint.
2. How to apply your paint.
3. Where to apply the paint on the head, tummy plate and limbs.
4. How many layers of each color to apply to get the glowing look.

It is the first part of the complete tutorial series. It a picture tutorial only. No videos. Who wants it? If I get enough likes and comments on Facebook, I will release it for sale.

*NEW* Apricot Love-A-Lot Mini Coloring Guide

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hola Chicas! I have a coloring guide available for the Apricot Love-A-Lot skin tone. This guide is great for those who are unable to afford my complete reborning tutorial. This coloring guide provides the Genesis color palette I used for one of my biracial reborn baby boys, Geovanni Antonio.

FYI: This Apricot Love-A-Lot coloring guide is free to all who have purchased the full tutorial. Also, I have finalized the head count (and manual count) and I have two slots remaining for the complete tutorial. At this point, I am only accepting paid-in-full orders for these seats. I am not booking for session two until 2015.

Blush & Mottling Color for Cacao Silk

Saturday, October, 11, 2014

Hi everyone! I snapped a picture of the blush and mottling color for those of you who purchased the Cacao Silk Mini Coloring Guide. This is what it should look like all mixed up. The other mixes are pretty easy, but I know this one can get tricky. Happy painting!

*NEW* Cacao Silk Mini Coloring Guide $17 USD

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hola Amigos! I have a coloring guide available for the Cacao Silk skin tone. This guide is great for those who are unable to afford my complete reborning tutorial. This coloring guide provides the Genesis color palette I used for one of my AA reborn baby girls, Sasha Monroe.

FYI: This Cacao Silk coloring guide is free to all who have purchased the full tutorial. Also, I have finalized the head count (and manual count) and I have two slots remaining for the complete tutorial. At this point, I am only accepting paid-in-full orders for these seats. I am not booking for session two until 2015.

Infant Fashion: Next Bunny Stuff

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hey buttercups! I tried not to visit the Next Direct website because I knew it would cause me to have a good case of the "gimmies", but look at this adorable stuff! I want every single piece, literally. I can't believe most of these items are sold out. Well, I guess I can believe it because the pieces are adorable, but they didn't save anything for me? Gosh. :) The bunny pram thingy has been restocked, so hopefully the other pieces will be restocked also. I REALLY want the Fairy Scene dress and the Tartan Hem tunic and leggings. I also want that bunny hat. I will try to stalk the website like a hawk. ;)



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