Zackary's Going Home Soon *SOLD*

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The sweet smell of success! I love it when the babies get to this point-- the finishing stage. The final stage before they get photographed and shipped off. :) This little one has been with me for a while. I just love the way he turned out. His skin tones are Honey Berry fleshstacked perfection. I didn't know how Flesh Stacking would work out with Honey Berry, but I am in LOVE! I had to be careful with the colors. He still needs a little more paint. Currently, he has too much honey and not enough berry, lol! :)

Anywhoo, you all will get to see Zack's head full of thick hair when I post his final photo shoot next week. It is awesome! Zackary will also make a cameo in my next tutorial which is what is going on in the second photo. :)

Speaking of tutorials, wow! Since yesterday, I have seen four BEAUTIFUL "work in progress" dolls created by artists who purchased my tutorials. I am so happy that these talented ladies were able to put my instructions to good use! Gorgeous work, everyone!

Here is a link to the page that lists all of my available tutorials:

UPDATE November 2, 2014: My little buddy and I had a painting party over the weekend. He looks awesome. This pic was taken before I added his textures. Now, he needs his permanent eyes and a tear duct. :) I can't wait for his final shoot tomorrow.

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