Rooting Ariella...It Hurts!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ariella's head is slightly harder than most other doll kits. I abandoned the practice of heating doll heads long ago. The rice sock method was stinky and I had to re-heat the smelly thing like a million times. Plus, it smelled weird. Did I mention the stench made me wanna puke, lol? Okay, I am finished bashing the rice sock, hehe!

There is a price to pay when rooting harder heads: BLISTERS. Or calluses? Whatever that thing is on my index finger!

Crazy, but I root with a bare needle. Shocking, I know, but I was there when the practice of rooting was introduced to the doll community in 2002/2003 (we used wigs before), so I am just accustomed to a bare needle. I can't root any other way. Rubber bands on top of the needle cause my needles to break. Vises and other rooting tools just don't work for me either. I guess I am doomed to a blistered index finger until rooting machines are introduced to the doll community! LOL

Pictures of Ariella coming soon, I promise!

Announcements Announcements

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi ladies! I am just popping in to make a few quick announcements:

1. My private order slots are all filled, so the private order list will be closed until further notice.

2. I have decided to limit my focus to newborn-sized dolls only, so I have removed toddlers and children from my pricing list.

3. My Ariella by Reva Schick will be listed on eBay by March 1st. She is very pretty! Pictures coming soon.

4. I am very sad the Liu San kit by Adrie is being retired. Liu is one of the best kits ever made, hands down. :(

New Kit Maurice by Evelina Wosnjuk

Friday, February 10, 2012

I am loving this new kit by Evelina! There are so many new kits so I have trouble keeping up, but lucky for me, this one came directly to my inbox. :) Sleeping baby girls are my favorites, so Maurice will be a little girl when I get my hands on him. I love the expression on this baby! It looks like he's waking up for a meal. Great job as always, Evelina!

Real Effect's New 2012 Vinyl Color?
Has anyone had a chance to compare Real Effect's new 2012 vinyl color against the previous colors? I would love to see a picture side by side. Pretty please get in touch if you know where I can see a comparison shot. ;)

I'm a BIB Snob

Monday February 6, 2012

I found this adorable bib on eBay today, but it ships from Australia. I don't want to pay that much postage for a little bib, so I searched for the same bib from a U.S. seller. No luck with that. :( I guess this particular style of bib is only sold down under. Lucky Aussies! :)

So Lexus did a search for me and found a similar, red bib. I just want the exact bib I found with the bear applique. Lexus insisted the bear applique "wasn't all that" and called me a "bib snob", LOL! That's right, I am a bib snob. :) And a pacifier snob, and a headband snob, and a onesie snob, and the list goes on! LOL

Anywhoo, the bib search will continue. ;) If any of you lovely readers notice it for sale in the U.S and want to drop me a line, I'd be forever grateful!

Shawnetta of Mochabella Nursery found the bib from Hong Kong for only $4 shipped! Yay! Thank you, Shawnetta!!!!! You rock!

Infant Fashion: Shop-A-Holic Edition

Monday, February 6, 2012

I know I have shopping and spending issues and I am trying to work through them, I promise. But how can I stop when there are so many cute baby clothes??? :) A banner advertising Baby Guess taunted me for about three days before I finally gave in and clicked. I had to have these three outfits:

Baby Guess TuTu Teddy Bear 3 pc. set- $49.50

Baby Guess TuTu Teddy Bear 3 pc. set- $49.50

Baby Guess Teddy Bear (boy) 3 pc. set- $49.50

Baby Guess Teddy Bear (girl) 3 pc. set- $49.50

Someone casually mentioned the Angel Dear brand on a doll forum, so nosey little me just had to check out Angel Dear's selections (as if I really needed another outfit). Well, you can guess what happened next:

Angel Dear Girl Take Me Home Sweater Knit- $60.00

I hope this one can fit a newborn. The first three are all 0-3M or 3-6M. I have a couple of large dolls in my collection plus I have my eye on a few large kits, so they will be put to good use. ;)

Super Short Video Clip of Zakari

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi everyone! I accidentally hit the video record button when I meant to hit the shutter button to take a picture, lol. The clip is super short (hence the title of this post), but I think it is pretty blog worthy! :)



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