Rooting Ariella...It Hurts!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ariella's head is slightly harder than most other doll kits. I abandoned the practice of heating doll heads long ago. The rice sock method was stinky and I had to re-heat the smelly thing like a million times. Plus, it smelled weird. Did I mention the stench made me wanna puke, lol? Okay, I am finished bashing the rice sock, hehe!

There is a price to pay when rooting harder heads: BLISTERS. Or calluses? Whatever that thing is on my index finger!

Crazy, but I root with a bare needle. Shocking, I know, but I was there when the practice of rooting was introduced to the doll community in 2002/2003 (we used wigs before), so I am just accustomed to a bare needle. I can't root any other way. Rubber bands on top of the needle cause my needles to break. Vises and other rooting tools just don't work for me either. I guess I am doomed to a blistered index finger until rooting machines are introduced to the doll community! LOL

Pictures of Ariella coming soon, I promise!

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