I'm a BIB Snob

Monday February 6, 2012

I found this adorable bib on eBay today, but it ships from Australia. I don't want to pay that much postage for a little bib, so I searched for the same bib from a U.S. seller. No luck with that. :( I guess this particular style of bib is only sold down under. Lucky Aussies! :)

So Lexus did a search for me and found a similar, red bib. I just want the exact bib I found with the bear applique. Lexus insisted the bear applique "wasn't all that" and called me a "bib snob", LOL! That's right, I am a bib snob. :) And a pacifier snob, and a headband snob, and a onesie snob, and the list goes on! LOL

Anywhoo, the bib search will continue. ;) If any of you lovely readers notice it for sale in the U.S and want to drop me a line, I'd be forever grateful!

Shawnetta of Mochabella Nursery found the bib from Hong Kong for only $4 shipped! Yay! Thank you, Shawnetta!!!!! You rock!

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