Memorial Day Weekend Is Over

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hi everyone! I am back from my Memorial Day vacation, yay! This means I should be able to do Luke's photo shoot over the next couple of days. Yes, that's right, the little guy is finally finished. I can't believe it. It has been a long haul with him. :)

I am already thinking about my next project. I do have a Tonner who needs some attention, but I feel like painting a baby doll. So many kits to choose from! Whomever I choose will more than likely be a work in progress until late fall, lol! I work so slowly which is why I am better off working on independent projects rather than orders or prototypes (so sorry, everyone...). I will decide on a kit after the photo shoot. I think I know who it will be. *wink* Anyway, Luke's auction is coming soon, yay!

Update: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

False alarm! I am so picky that I scare myself, lol. Luke needs a few minor changes.

Janie and Jack Preemie

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I had to take a trip to Janie and Jack while Luke was baking. I am pretty sure I have psychic powers when it comes to cute outfits. :) This Baby Safari collection is just too cute for words. Bows plus flowers and puff sleeves? That's my kind of outfit. :) And the best part-- it is available in a preemie/newborn size! Janie and Jack's preemie size fits most of my 18-20" newborn sized dolls. While this particular set is super pretty, I am not sure it will flatter my dolls' skin tones. The pink is very bright. But, I will never know if I don't try, right? :) <---- That is code for 'I ordered it', lol.

Feeling Awful & Infant Fashion

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The title of this post explains it all. I just have not been in a dolly mood. I have been obsessed with my hair blog and planning my daughter's 5th birthday party. I am going to try to get back to Luke soon-- especially since I found a new baby clothing website:

Click the picture to visit the Teddy & Me website. They have some of the cutest things and they ship internationally!

Cinco de Mayo

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hola amigos! Today is Cinco de Mayo and I am happy about doll making again. I will admit, I was a bit stressed yesterday and you guessed it-- I got the pukey feeling about dolls again. There is just so much work involved in doll making and it is easy to get burnt out during a project. I know other artists can relate!

Anywhoo, I am back to talking myself through this Luke project... :)

I snapped a pic of Luke in natural light and have added more paint to the cropped area of his face. I need to tweak the left brow and of course add that thick medium already, lol. I do like the first layer of wispy hairs on his forehead so far. I should add more hairs to his temples. His lips need a lot of work and I will get started on those hopefully tonight. I discovered today that I prefer his eyes glancing to the right and so that is how I will set them.

I have been thinking a lot about his brows and possibly adding a few rooted hairs in place of the painted ones. I will keep thinking on that. He is very cute so far. This Shyann sculpt is addictive. Thank you, Aleina! ♥



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