Justice Karabella on eBay! - *SOLD*

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Justice Karabella is here!  Yay!  Take a peek at her listing when you get a chance. :)


Good News and Bad News

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good morning, everyone! I just wanted to pop in to make a few announcements. There is some good news and some bad news. I'll give you the good news first. :)

 NeW! Pick-a-Palette! 

For the remainder of 2012 and beyond, I will offer skin tone options to my layaway and private order mommies. Over the years, I have mastered a particular, medium reddish-brown skin tone that can easily be compared to the color of cinnamon. My skin tone is exactly this color which is why I suppose I am drawn towards using it for the majority of my dolls. :) Anyway, I have named the skin tone ‘Cinnamon Charm’. I am planning to unveil my ‘Toffee Rose’ and ‘Cacao Silk’ (no, I did not misspell “cocoa”, look it up, lol!) with the release of my next three babies, so stay tuned!

Now for the bad news:

I am no longer offering layaway or payment plans on completed dolls, only private orders.

Also, I am unable to accept kit requests for eBay babies. I only list independent projects on eBay. If you are interested in a specific sculpt, please take a look at my private order information, and let me know if you are interested in the 18 month payment plan.


Want to Buy: Biscotti Sugar Icing Gown

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hi ladies! I am looking for this gown made by Biscotti. It was made about three or four years ago. I would like to find one that is smoke-free and new with the tags attached. Please send an email to brookenicole222@ yahoo.com if you have one for sale.  I can pay right away with Paypal. :)


Back To Dollie Making

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yes, it is true, I am back to dollie making! :) Okay, okay, so I never stopped reborning during my vacation, lol! Reborning is just too addictive for life-long doll-a-holics like myself. ;)

Up until now, I have been too busy to reborn prototypes, so I had to turn down several sculptors and companies who asked me to reborn a sample kit. I promised I would reborn a kit by every artist and company who asked me to reborn a prototype, and I was able to get my hands on a Cianne kit by Romie Strydom about three weeks ago. As soon as the kit arrived, I could not put her down! I just had to see her finished. Like everyone else, I am in love with Joelle (a silicone edition by Romie Strydom), so I ordered Cianne hoping to make an ethnic, vinyl sleeper that kinda resembles Joelle, lol. So far so good! My little toffee-toned princess is painted and ready for rooting. I hope to have her listed on eBay by April 29-- give or take a few days. ;) I have spoiled her with a high-end Biscotti layette, so the photo shoot is promised to be girly and fun! :)

Also, I am working on another Ariella kit for a private order! Ariella has had my heart since his/her debut in 2007. He/she has become a classic in my book. I can't wait to see Dallas' twin all finished up-- baby afro and all, lol!

I know some of you have noticed the surprise baby listed under 'Babies in Progress' on the sidebar. Yes, it is what you think it is! :) I can't reveal any details yet, but stay tuned! 

I have been using point and shoot cameras for a while now-- a long phase I went through following my husband's passing last year.  I was not in the mood to enjoy much of anything and photography was the first hobby to go buh-bye...right before doll making.  I also dealt with severe artist block during that time.  Anyway, I decided to give myself a little push with a new SLR and lens. We'll see how Cianne's shoot goes. ;)



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