Preston's Box Packing

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi everyone! I meant to post these photos a longgggg time ago.

Baby Shower In-A-Box {Boy Edition}

Q: Hey, what's a dolly without accessories?
A: Boring. 

Even most three year-olds would agree, hehe.  Enjoy! :)


2 Layaway Slots for 2013! - *SOLD*

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hi everyone! I have listed two new layaway slots for 2013.  Here is the link:

The Sun Came Out For Me!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I lucked up this morning!  The sun gave me a break.  I guess he could tell I was desperate, lol! Omigosh, to be honest, I was totally depressed about Preston’s cloudy photo shoot yesterday. The cloudy light made him look one dimensional and shiny. Depth is my “thing” when it comes to doll making, and not being able to show Preston’s depth was a big deal to me.

With winter coming, I know the sun light will be hard to come by, so I have already researched artificial lighting options. From what I have read, large soft boxes closely mimic sun light. I sure hope a soft box works for me because I need to show my hard work. :)  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. I’ll post a review of the soft box when I receive it in case other photographers need a winter lighting alternative.



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