Sarah Bella In Progress

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I am in love with this baby girl! I can't believe how long she has been here. She was supposed to be delivered in June, but I accidentally dropped her leg into the oven and ruined it. I have never done that, so I was devastated! I had to start all over again, so this is actually Sarah Bella number two. :) Her mommy has been waiting patiently for her (thank you, A!). :) Sarah is almost finished. Her mommmy requested thick hair and I ran out of hair after rooting several back rows. I can't wait to see Sarah finished up. The Ariella kit is already sheer perfection, but combined with my Cacao Silk skin, lol! ;)

Oh yes, I also wanted to share a photo of the outfit Sarah's mom and I picked out for her. It is made by Baby Beau & Belle, a very well-known, upscale boutique designer of baby clothing. I have been a fan of Baby Beau & Belle for years. Some of my earlier reborns can be seen modeling their designs. I am glad I decided to go take a look at some of Baby Beau & Belle's new designs. This swing top and leggings set is from their Natalie collection.

Here is how the outfit looks on a real baby.  Isn't she the cutest baby?!  I love her cheeks and rosy-cream, fair skin tone. :)



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