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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi everyone! First off, super cute, right?? Adrie is so amazing! I want to reborn all three of them! ♥

Ok, next, I am around, just not blogging. I am rooting my portrait baby right now-- actually I am rooting 1/3 of a practice head (Shyann) first to see if I can root from the cut end.

My current rooting method: loop a strand of hair around a needle and push it into the vinyl. The end result: each follicle contains a single strand of hair folded in half, so it looks like two hairs are coming from each follicle. I would like to have one hair per follicle because this portrait baby needs a finer head of hair, so I am practicing.

So far, so good Practice makes perfect, I guess. :)

I will be back soon!

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