Rooting and a Prototype!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I started rooting my second portrait order tonight.

Three words: I am sad.

Mom is just so COOL and I will definitely miss our ichats with the kids and our little gift exchanges. I will make a vegan out of you yet, mom, LOL! And thanks for the afro tee and scented shea butter. I SO cannot live without shea butter now. My hair and skin thanks you too! :-) Just let me know when you find a toddler that looks like you. I will be here.

I may be working on a prototype kit soon! Nothing is set in stone, so I won't blab about it yet. I will know tomorrow who and when...even then, not sure I can say anything until the auction, lol. Marketing stuff...:-)

I have not done a prototype since 2008 because I have been so busy with grad school. My schedule has cleared up now that summer is approaching and the semester has ended! That means lots of dolly time, yay! I have gotten over my fear of Angelica because...this is going to sound stupid...

... ok, because I want to try the human hair adhesive eyebrows.

I have my fingers crossed hoping they work out!

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