Infant Fashion: Juicy Couture Still #1

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I took a trip to Saks Fifth Avenue's website last evening hoping to find myself a nice pair of flats for work. Why oh why did I click to the baby department? Force of habit, I guess. Hey, why fight it? ;)  I may as well load my cart up with doll clothes, right?  :)

I really needed some things for a newborn boy, since my privately ordered Shyann boy Preston is almost ready to go home, yay! No luck with the boy clothes, but I did manage to find the perfect girly ensemble by Juicy Couture, one of my absolute favorite designers. Seriously, if I were small enough (or if the outfit were BIG enough, hehehe), I would wear this outfit! It is just! Pink, gray, with flawless gold hardware? Yep, that's so me. And did I mention the jacket is reversible? Gorgeous.   I know you agree, so go order a set for yourself.  ;)



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