Preston In Progress

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this progress photo of Preston's limbs and torso. This photo was taken about a week ago, so I have made more progress with the crease colorings, etc.  I just love the tummy on the torso sculpt!  I decided to paint an umbilical cord and it turned out great!

I am still working hard on the face. Shyann takes much longer for me to detail than other sculpts because I like to create boundary in the eye area by painting "fat", and my "fat" painting technique is a bit complex so I like to take my time creating the puffy eye area.  I feel fat adds more detail and character to the finished baby.  It also makes him look younger, which is good since he has an umbilical cord. The "fat" thing may sound weird right now, but you'll see what I mean about this very soon when I post completed pics very soon, lol! :)



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