I Will Sell a Complete Reborning Tutorial

Friday, July 19, 2013

I have an idea. I can record detailed videos of myself painting, rooting and assembling one sleeping kit and one awake kit. In addition to making the videos, I will have my sister take pictures of my every move. I will use the pictures to print a full color book with written instructions. I will transfer the videos to an external hard drive. I will mail the book and the external hard drive to the buyers. I will open a forum and remain a member for 20 weeks. During that time, I will answer any and all questions.

The price for the videos and book will be $3,000 USD—the same price as one of my newborn sized babies. Buyers currently on my layaway list are welcome to apply their funds toward the tutorial

At this point, I am taking a headcount to find out how many truly want this information. If you are interested, click the “yes” option below. If all goes well, I will post an update discussing tutorial release dates.
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