*SOLD* Apricot Love-A-Lot Elijah $425 USD

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Anyone interested in this partially painted Elijah kit? He is a larger baby. He would be 26" if his legs were stretched. 3-6 months size. 3/4 Arms and Full Legs.

$425 USD shipped within USA
$475 USD shipped Internationally

He's great as is, he just needs his nails painted. Or, he is perfect for someone who has my tutorials. Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Apricot Love-A-Lot skin tone have already been completed. All he needs now is the Depth & Details (Stages 3 & 4). His creases have been painted and his nose has been opened. Eyes not included.

Because he is an older baby, I personally wouldn't add any extra paint to him besides painted nails and eyebrows.

Head, Limbs, Tummy/Chest Plate, Certificate and Body

This is a good deal for this big beautiful boy!

I'm still clearing out inventory making room for the new tester babes. I don't have any more fully painted kits, only partially painted. I need to go through them all and figure out who I am willing to part with. I peeked last night and noticed I have two Apricot Shyann's, an Apricot-ish Tate Arcello (slightly darker), an Apricot Suu Kyi Stoete, and an Apricot Ariella by Reva Schick. There are 20-30 kits in that bin and I'll put the duplicates up for sale soon.

The other partially painted Elijah Pigott I had was reserved yesterday, sorry...

That second fully painted Presley Awake I spoke of last week-- I can't part with her, she is my boo, lol! :) That sculpt has perfect Blasian feautures-- and you all know I go gaga for those, so she is a keeper. ;)

I'll post the sale list soon along with a few pics. The partially painted babes will cost $425/$475.

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