*SOLD* Clearing Out Inventory Before Closing

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm clearing out inventory before I shut down sales. If anyone is interested in 23" Angelina Strydom as painted kit, I can finish her up today. $825 shipped/ US $875 shipped internationally. Head & Limbs only. This is only a work in progress picture. She still needs about seven more layers. I have completed three and will do the rest tonight. If no one adopts here, I will send her to eBay as a finished baby. :)


  1. I've been praying to be able to afford one of your babies. Is she available on lay-a-way? Will the 2nd session of the tutorial be available on lay-a-way so that I can learn to finish her? God's given you a gift, and we appreciate you sharing it with us.

  2. Hi Meme! Thanks! :) Let's chat through email: brookenicole222 @ yahoo . com




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