*SOLD* Apricot Love-A-Lot Tate Arcello $425 USD

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

<img src="http://lmsweethearts.freewebspace.com/tatelove4.jpg" />
Hola amigos! Anyone interested in a partially painted Tate by Andrea Arcello?
$425 USD (USA)
$475 USD (International)

Full Arms & Full Legs! Awesomeeeee!

She has the Apricot Love-A-Lot Skin Tone. This kit is my fave. I have three Tate kits. The lips-- ohmigosh, too sweet! Check out her little gums! I have never seen a cuter little detail on a kit. :)

I'm going through the partially painted babies deciding who to adopt out. The fully painted Tate kit is spoken for, and I am keeping one for myself, so this one can find a new mommy.

This little girlie has had Stage I and Stage 2 of my tutorial completed. She needs stages 3-4 which is Depth & Details (blush, flesh stacking, nails, etc.). Her creases have been painted and her nose has been opened. Perfect veining! Or, she would be great to just assemble and dress. She has very 3D biracial coloring so far. Head & full limbs only.

*Sorry, I can't part with my third Tate. I thought I could, but I just can't, so I removed her sale ad. I will keep looking through the partially painted kits to see who I am willing to part with.*

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