*SOLD* Updated Angelina Strydom

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mmmkay, so Angelina is all set for eyebrows now and ready to find a new mom! I told ya she needed more layers. See how much nicer she looks? :)

For those of you who have my tutorials, what I just demonstrated with Angelina is the adjustments section-- the final section of the Depth & Details Tutorial. After Flesh Stacking, take progress pictures, study them, and if you feel your baby lacks depth, make those adjustments! :) Angelina needed seven extra layers of paint. I don't why she needed so many, maybe because of her open mouth and deep set eyes? I dunno, but anywhoo, don't skimp, make those adjustments, ladies! :) I know it can be a pain when a doll needs adjustments...^-^

Eyebrow painting for Angelina is an extra $75. These are not her permanent eyes. They are just an old pair of eyes I use while painting, but I think Angelina looks so exotic and cute with blue eyes!

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