Layaway Private Order Slots : Reaching Out

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you to everyone who bid on Justice’s auction! I received so many messages about that little girl and I am still answering questions. Several bidders requested layaway for Justice. Since I no longer offer layaway on completed dolls, I am encouraging collectors to take advantage of my 18 month layaway payment plan for private orders. I will accept private orders for all newborn and preemie-sized kits. Please don’t be sheepish about contacting me, we can work something out! :)

I have listed private order information on eBay in an effort to reach out to collectors who are not aware of my generous payment plan. The total price for a privately ordered baby is $2,150.00.

$250 down / 18 month layaway
I will begin painting your baby when your deposit totals $650.00, and finish him/her when your deposit hits the $1,650.00 mark.

Slot #5- *SOLD*
Slot #4- *SOLD*

I will keep these listings on eBay as a way to communicate with collectors who are not always able to bid on my auction babies due to limited funds.  I know my decision to halt layaway for completed babies feels like a bummer to some collectors, but never fear-- there is another way! :)

The 'Private Order Information' page is getting a makeover tomorrow, so all of this information will be posted there too. :) I hope to hear from you!




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