The Flu & Jamie Rae Hats

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yes, it is true, I have the flu. I was not trying to make a rhyme, but it is cool how that worked out, huh? :-)

Actually, my entire family has the flu. I thought we had escaped every germ of 2010 and could relax about getting sick, but I guess I was wrong. Eeeewww!

Oh well, I have been stuck indoors and I needed an excuse to shop anyway. I took a trip over to Nordstrom and found these amazing peony hats by Jamie Rae.

Jamie Rae Peony Hat in Pale Pink - $22.00

Jamie Rae Peony Hat in Candy Pink - $22.00

I could not decide which color to order. I actually sat in my desk chair for three hours trying to choose a color. I know that is absolutely LOCO-- but blame it on the antibiotics and cough suppressant, lol! I finally decided on the darker pink hat.

Speaking of baby clothing, I definitely went hog wild this past winter with baby clothing purchases. I will be posting some clothing for sale once my house is totally germ free. :-)

If you have seen something you like, feel free to write and ask about it. Chances are I will part with it. Many of the items still have the tags attached but have been worn by dolls in my collection. My home is smoke-free. I live with two well behaved, non-shedding pooches.

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