Side Glancing Eyes

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I was never a huge fan of side glancing eyes on my reborn dolls and today I realized the reason why:

I was not setting the eyes correctly, lol.

Looking at the pictures of these cuties I see that in order to achieve a perfect side glance, I have to slide the eyes over until the tips of the iris’ are slightly hidden behind the corners of the eye sockets. In the past, I did not slide the eyes over far enough so it made my dolls look confused, worried and/or agitated. I always readjusted the eyes to a fixed, forward glance because I could not stand the worried look.

I am not sure which one of my *works in progress* should receive a flirty side glance. If I do go with the side glance, using these pictures as guides, he should only get one sculpted [inner] tear duct. That could be a little weird on a doll...definitely something I’ll have to think about! Some things are just too realistic for dolls. OMG, did I really just type that? LOL

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