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I am in love with your reborns. I know you are booked for a while but i was looking to order one. Do you put in breathing devises? And also do you make Asian, Native-American, and Indian reborns as well?


Hi there!

Thanks for writing and for the kind words!  My ethnic 
reborn dolls can represent all non-Caucasian ethnicities including African (not black or African-American), Asian, Native-American, Indian, and Hispanic based on aesthetics.  My dolls all have non-Caucasian skin tones, dark eyes and dark hair of varying textures.  Facial features, skin tones and hair textures are shared across ethnicities, especially during the newborn and infant stages.

No, I’m sorry; I do not use breathing devices.  Breathing devices compromise the huggable feeling of these life-like dolls.  The doll looks real but when picked up, you would feel a hard box in the torso area. I prefer to keep the torso soft.  All of my new doll mommies have commented on how cuddly and wonderful my dolls feel!  :)

Thanks again for writing and I hope to hear from you in the future about a 
baby doll.  


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