Sneeky Peeky of Steffi - *SOLD*

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi ladies! Here is a sneek peek of Steffi! I am not trying to be suspenseful...I promise, lol!  :)  I don't have pictures of her entire face yet because her eye glaze is drying. ;)  She currently looks like she has an eye infection...eeeew.  I didn't think anyone would wanna see that, haha. :)

Steffi is soooooooooo lovely! The Elise sculpt has a slightly mature look that I played up with my Cinnamon Charm Summer skin tone, flirty side glancing eyes, smocked apparel, lacy anklets, and little pigtails. She is a big girl who fits 0-3 months perfectly!  Her hands and feet are amazingly realistic.  Natali Blick is definitely on my list of favorite sculptors now.  Steffi is my first Blick kit and wow, I am totally HOOKED! TDF!  Thank you, Natali!!!

Anyway, Steffi will be listed the second her eye glaze dries.  That stuff takes forever to dry, but it is well worth it! :)  I'll post the link to the auction here of course.  Stay tuned! :) :)



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