Milaine Coming Soon & Can't Do Prototypes

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hi everyone! Some noticed I removed Milaine's progress photos, and no worries, Milaine will be listed on eBay soon! :) I prematurely posted photographs of Milaine's progress, but rest assured, baby will be listed within the week. I love that sweet face! 

Q: How much will Milaine cost?

A: Because Milaine is a prototype, I am required to use eBay's auction format to find a new mommy.  The reserve will be $2500. I had not planned to have any more dolls for sale, so I am open to an 18 month layaway. I would need a deposit of $850 within 12 hours of auction end from the winner.  Current layaway customers are welcome to bid, but please understand that an additional $850 will be due within 12 hours of auction end.

Q: Can you do more prototypes?

A: I have received a few prototype inquires since I posted Milaine's progress photos, and I thank you all kindly for your interest, but I just don't have time to do prototypes on a regular basis.  I retired from prototype work in 2008.  I only accepted Elodie's and Milaine's prototype jobs as favors to long time friends at Nicky Creation/Real Effect.  Thank you all again for the interest though, it means a lot to me. 

I will be back soon with photos of a completed Milaine. I will also have photos of a completed Elodie (Joaquin) and progress photos of Porsha by Romie Strydom (Kiana). ;)



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