*SOLD* WIP Shaylyn Mishae $2500 USD

Sunday, September 21, 2014

WIP Shaylyn Mishae with added hairline and eyebrows. I decided to darken her skin tone to Cinnamon Charm Winter because I haven't painted a CCW in a while. :) I am still willing to sell her for $1,000 USD shipped as a painted kit. I will add brow texture and skin texture upon request, but she is ready for rooting. Very life-like face! She will make a gorgeous completed baby for collector and artist alike.

P.S. Please ignore my daughter Emme Jae's arm in the second photo. :) I like to take pictures on her bed early in the morning because her room has the best natural light. She often refuses to leave while I am taking pictures. How unreasonable, lol! :)

Updated: Shaylyn has now been rooted and her final photo shoot will come soon. $2500 shipped.


  1. LOL @ the hammock! That is so funny. My daughter complains about holding the bottle, I can only imagine how she'd react to that, hehe. :) :) Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. I thought I was smart once saying to them, would you prefer to take the pics instead? Yeah, I didn't think that through too well, both yelled Yes can we can we lol




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