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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Awwww, wook at the wittle baby! I snapped these pics of the baby with my camera during Lexus' photo lesson and I am in love! That's my Hand Embroidered outfit the baby is wearing. Lexus had to pry that outfit from my hands. I did not want to give it away, but I will admit the baby looks so pretty wearing it!

This baby is sold...

*ATTENTION Lexus Ivy Mommies*

About Lexus' orders: Lexus now has her own eBay account and Paypal account for tax related purposes. Lexus will handle her sales directly from this point on. For those of you who sent deposits to my account for a Lexus Ivy creation, you have been temporarily refunded. When your dolls are finished, photographed and approved, you can resubmit full payment directly to Lexus' Paypal account.

About Lexus' communication: I am no longer your point of contact for Lexus' creations. Lexus will handle the communication with her adoptive mommies from now on. I have forwarded all email addresses to Lexus. If anyone needs to get in touch with Lexus, her eBay ID is lexus*ivy.

About Lexus' blog: Lexus will update her own blog from now on. I got it started for her, but writing two blogs is just not possible for a busy bee like me. That's right, baby bee Lexus is all grown up and I am kicking her out of the hive! LOL

About Lexus' pricing increase: The prices for 2012 will be determined soon.

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  1. How long does it take to finish one of these dolls?




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