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Monday, December 26, 2011

This outfit pretty much has my name written all over it. Polka dots, kimono-style wrap top, footed pants, a bear applique, and a pink button? It had to have been made especially for me. The little Baby Gap fashion fairies can read my mind, lol! :) I ordered it in two sizes.

Zakari's lashes turned out great! I made a collage with the reference photos I used for the eyelashes. I dug up a few of my daughter Emme Jae's newborn photos. I saw how wispy and crooked her eyelashes were as a newborn, and it really surprised me-- seeing as how they are super straight now. She is 5 years-old. Anyway, here is the comparison collage of reborn Zakari and Emme:

Emme's lashes at 8 months-old:

Emme's lashes at 5 years-old:

They grow in quickly. ;) Anywhoo, time to give Zakari's eyes some baby tears. Ciao!

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