In Love with a Paint Brush

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yes, you read the title of the post correctly-- I am IN LOVE with a paint brush. Sad, but true. :) This particular brush is a cheapy cheap synthetic mop I purchased way back in 2004 from Michaels. I nicknamed it Moppy. hehe

I am so dependent on Moppy. Nothing compares to the honeycomb pattern it makes. I have tried sponges, other brushes, and even berry makers, but Moppy is pure magic.

Since Lexus moved in, she has been using Moppy, too. The magical bristles have her under their spell, and I totally understand. *hehe* The problem is there is only one Moppy. One Moppy and two artists. Lexus is using Moppy right now and I need to use Moppy. *pouts* I have been sitting waiting for two hours...

A little piece of advice ladies -- never become dependent on ONE paint brush. No, better yet, don't let your little artist sister move in and share your paint brushes. Yep, that's better advice, lol. :)

Until next time, folks...

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