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Sunday, December 25, 2011

I hope everyone is having a glorious Holiday! Our Christmas has been a blast so far. I am prepping for a vegan dinner party tonight at my mommy's house. Yum! ^_^

I wanted to share a pic I snapped of Zakari's eyelashes. I have rooted and sealed them, but they still need trimming. Sweetness much? I think so! :)

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Why Are Baby Clothes So Cute?

I am still hunting for a yellow outfit that grabs me. I found this adorable set from a French manufacturer, Les Kinousses. I am in LOVE with their selections. European baby clothes are a weakness of mine. The best part? Les Kinousses accepts Paypal and ships to the States, yay!

I have so many items in my cart at Les Kinousses. Trust me, if you saw it, you would be in shock and possibly testify to have me committed, lol! The baby clothing addict inside of me is still alive and well. ;) I have to decide what I really need and delete some things. I will post my final selections here. Okay, time to eat.. ;) Sending holiday hugs and kisses to everyone!

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