Callum Jonathan Goes Home

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little sweetie Callum J. is going home tomorrow. *Sniff, sniff!* I will miss him. He was surely a fun baby to reborn. Callum was originally designed with small iris eyes, but his mom decided she wanted eyes with larger irises. I could not get the large iris eyes to set without gaping between the vinyl and the glass eyes. But no worries, mom has doll making experience and said she'd set Callum's eyes at home using a cool wax technique. :)

Callum's body is stuffed, weighted and dressed. I have included the large iris eyes, weighting material and stuffing for Callum's head, and Callum's tummy plate. All mom has to do is (in order) is position and glue Callum's new eyes with E-6000 glue, add the black felt to the back of his nose, add the weight and stuffing to his head, trim his eyelashes, and attach his head to his body. Fun stuff! :)

And... I know this mommy doesn't like extra gifts, but I couldn't resist sending a little somethin' cause that's the just way I roll, lol! ;) Stay tuned for Natalia's pretty in pink photo shoot!



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