$9 USD Vanilla Truffle Coloring Guide & Wintergrace Tutorial

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hello again, ladies! I forgot to post that I have a Vanilla Truffle coloring guide available. The Wintergrace Effect tutorial is included with this purchase because the Vanilla Truffle skin tone relies on Wintergrace. Like all of my coloring guides, the Vanilla Truffle coloring guide only tells what colors to use for the skin tone. It does not discuss placement. My tutorials tell artists where to specifically place these colors.

The Wintergrace portion of this bundle is only useful to those who have purchased the Prep, Neapolitan and Depth/Details tutorials. It won't mean much if you don't have these tutorials. :)  Click here to purchase the tutorials.

This is only an introductory price for this bundle. Once I complete the Vanilla Truffle babies (Danton and Ryana), the price will increase to $17 USD.


  1. Good morning Brooke! I will be painting my first Albino toddler in a few weeks. I was wondering if the Vanilla Truffle with the Wintergrace Effect be the right color guide to use? TIA :-)

  2. Hi Lois! I don't see why it wouldn't work out great! :):) I'll send the file as soon as I see your order come though. :):)




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